7 Ways to Score Priceline Express Deal Hotels You'll Love

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If you are always on the hunt for great hotel discounts, you may have heard of a Priceline service called Express Deals. During your hotel search Priceline offers mystery hotels for extra savings: up to 60% off. The catch? The exact hotel name is revealed after booking (and non-refundable).

Luckily, it isn’t too difficult to guess most Express Deal hotel names

I recently tried Express Deals for myself; I stayed at four different luxury hotels and scored up to 48% off. I shared the information with my travel-obsessed followers on Instagram and they, too, reported amazing savings and great hotels in New Orleans, London, and DC Metro Area (to name a few) — yay!

While not guaranteed, here are 7 ways travel experts ensure they score a Priceline Express Deal hotel they’ll love. 

1. Research the hotel neighborhoods

Before you begin searching for a hotel for your upcoming vacation, be sure to research the sites you want to see — and the best neighborhoods to stay in. This will help you better pinpoint your ideal hotel location when sifting through deals. 

Priceline Express Deals allows you to filter the neighborhood of your choice, so check the places you want in order to avoid hotels in shady areas.  

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2. Decide on an acceptable rating

When I search for hotels, I am flexible with preferred star rating but strict with guest rating. Unless no hotels are available, I only search accommodations with a guest rating of 8 or higher.

You can still see star and guest ratings when browsing Express Deals’ mystery hotel listings (though you can’t read individual reviews), so pay attention to these numbers when deciding on a hotel and you’ll increase your chances of booking a great spot.

3. Filter your dealbreaker amenities

Priceline doesn’t do away with their amenities filter when you switch your hotel search to Express Deal listings, so take advantage of it! 

If free WiFi or a hotel gym is important to you, for instance, be sure to check that as a preference. I recommend being picky at first and selecting your dream amenities to see what is available. As you browse through deals, slowly uncheck the ones that aren’t dealbreakers.

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4. Download the app for hidden savings

The secret is out! Did you know the Priceline mobile app has secret deals not available on the web? 

If you have trouble finding a hotel listing that offers the savings, amenities, and location you want, try searching on their app. These mobile deals are great for last minute bookings and surprise discounts.

5. Add up the clues & guess which hotel will be revealed

If you are ready to be a sleuth, you can likely guess which hotel you’re going to get if you pay attention to the clues. This requires heavy use of the filters and two tabs open to compare public listings and Express Deals. 

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Like I mentioned, Express Deals will show you the neighborhood, guest rating, star rating, and amenities, along with the discounted and original prices. When you see the Express Deal you want, take note of these elements, switch your browser to the public listings, and follow these steps:

  1. Filter the public hotel listings to match the star rating, guest rating, neighborhood, and amenities shown on the Express Deal listing

  2. Notice that public hotel search results will now narrow down to fewer options

  3. Take note of the Express Deal listing’s “original price”

  4. Pinpoint the publicly listed hotels in the range of that original price (in my experience this narrows it down to 1-3 hotels)

  5. Decide whether these remaining hotels would be sufficient if you end up booking it

A bunch of my followers have reported that this easy way to figure out Express Deal hotels is what made them feel comfortable making their first booking! After that, they became huge fans!

6. Add an additional discount

I’m all about discounts so take advantage of it whenever I can! Despite offering up to 60% off hotel retail prices, Priceline still allows for promo codes to be used when booking hotel Express Deals. #Winning

Now that you know how to find a deal you’ll love, use my code WELLNESS10 through October 31, 2018 to get an extra 10% off Express Deal hotel bookings. I don’t earn affiliate commission — it’s just for you! Unlimited use, so share with your friends!

7. Read the fine print

Okay, I know you are excited about getting these deals but, but, but… it is really important to remember the fine print. When you book a hotel, it isn’t refundable, so follow the aforementioned tips carefully.

Additionally, the discounts advertised may sometimes seem off: this is because it is based on the average retail price of comparable hotels.

This means if the hotel revealed had higher prices than their competition, your savings will be even greater than advertised. But on the flip side, if their prices were abnormally lower than their competition, the amount saved could be less. Regardless, you’ll know exactly what you have to pay before booking. 

Have you tried Priceline Express Deals?

Tell me about your experience and any other tricks you’ve discovered while booking hotels with Priceline. Scoring deals is one of my favorite things to do!


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