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South America

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Travel to South America

South America is my favorite continent to visit, by far. Perhaps because of my ethnic background, I feel connected to much of the culture and cuisine -- even if it isn't exactly like my Puerto Rican-American version. I've been to 7 of the 12 countries on the continent and crossed off bucket list items like trekking Patagonia and dining at the world's best restaurants in Peru.

Information to know before you travel to South America:

  • The primary languages in South America are Spanish and Portuguese.
  • The bus system is amazing in many countries: luxurious buses with dinner and wine, TV's, and fully reclining seats.
  • Accommodations are dirt cheap in most central/northern countries. Use Booking.com for cheap hotel prices or Airbnb.
  • Every country has its own visa requirements. Check before traveling overland (don't end up like me in Bolivia).


South American Favorites & Recommendations:

Best food in South America

Food & Drink
I recommend Peru for the best restaurants, Chile for white wine, and Argentina for red. 

Where to go in South America

Destinations You Can't Miss
I most loved Quilotoa in Ecuador, Patagonia in Chile and Argentina, Cartagena in Colombia, and Lima in Peru.

best accommodations in South America

My nicest lodging was in Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, and Bolivia. My Bolivian Airbnb had heated floors!

Deals and tours in South America

Deals & Experiences
I find it most affordable to visit S. America through Lima. You can find tickets for less than $400 from NYC.

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