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Travel to Europe

Europe is a popular getaway destination (6 out of the 10 most visited countries in the world are in Europe). I love it most for its food, wine, history, and architecture. I was also completely spoiled by the Mediterranean Sea and now can hardly dip a toe into the northeastern Atlantic Ocean because I know I deserve more than that.

Information to know before you travel to Europe:

  • The Schengen agreement makes it easy to explore Europe: one entry visa lets you visit 26 countries. 
  • Europe's affordable air and ground transport will make you wonder why US air travel is so expensive.
  • English is the most common 2nd language spoken in most EU countries... though you should at least try to learn the local tongue. 


European Favorites & Recommendations:

Best food in Europe

Food & Drink
Italy stole my gastronomic heart and I still dream of it. Greece was also a culinary haven with even better olive oil (though the wine was meh).

Where to go in Europe

Destinations You Can't Miss
Take a wine tour through Tuscany, rent a car to explore the Golden Circle in Iceland, and book a catamaran in Greece.

best accommodations in Europe

Lodging in Belgium wasn't cheap but it was gorgeous. My Airbnb overlooking the square in Florence takes the cake, though.

Deals and tours in Europe

Deals & Experiences
My favorite way to visit Europe is via stopover in Iceland. It's easy to get a Schengen visa upon arrival and Iceland Air has great flight deals.

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