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Travel To Asia

Asia is home to 48 countries and 2,100+ languages spoken. What I love about Asia? Their spicy, sweet, and savory dishes; access to the world's ancient cities; breathtaking scenery; and culturally immersive experiences. I first visited Asia in 2015 and have traveled to 6 countries since (and counting). Here are blog posts with photos, stories, guides, and reviews of travel in Asia.

Information To Know Before You Travel To Asia:

  • Some cities are less developed, while others seem light years ahead of the US (with great Wifi).
  • Countries with a lot of western tourism often speak English, or at least offer English signage in popular destinations. 
  • Many countries require proof of onward travel to enter. Be sure to have a printed copy of your return itinerary. 
  • Street food is the best food -- don't miss out.


Favorites & Recommendations:

Best food in Asia

Food & Drink
I can't decide which is best! I highly recommend Thailand's street food, Beer Lao in Laos, and Xiao Long Bao in Taiwan. 

Where to go in Asia

Destinations You Can't Miss
Take a hop on/hop off sleeper bus through Vietnam for a culturally immersive experience.

best accommodations in Asia

Throughout Southeast Asia you can find luxurious lodging for cheap prices. Use booking.com to search.

Deals and tours in Asia

Deals & Experiences
There are always deals to Thailand from the US. I wouldn't pay more than $550 to get there. 

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