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North America

Parks, Cities, & Essential Getaways


Travel To North America

It may be a surprise to some, but the North American continent isn't just the US and Canada. It is home to Central America, Greenland, and the Caribbean islands too! The United States and Canada make up most of the land mass in North America, but with 23 countries and 9 territories, there is so much to explore.

Information To Know Before You Travel To North America:

  • The primary languages in much of North America is English or Spanish, followed by French and Creole

  • Hostel culture is practically non-existent in the US, so track cheap hotel prices for budget getaways

  • Hurricane season is Jun-Nov so plan accordingly if traveling to the Gulf, Atlantic Coast or Caribbean


North American Favorites & Recommendations:

Best food in North America

Food & Drink
New Orleans is the place to be for food and drink. Other faves include: NYC, Toronto, Mexico, and most Caribe islands ...because fresh fish! 

Where to go in North America

Destinations You Can't Miss
Don't miss the continent's National Parks: they're my top recommendations. Visit volcanoes in Costa Rica and dive in Belize too!

best accommodations in North America

The US has great lodging but for a hefty price tag. This boutique hotel in Milwaukee was a favorite. Blue Osa in Costa Rica and this Aruban small hotel were ideal wellness getaways. 

Deals and tours in North America

Deals & Experiences
Road tripping the US is a pleasant surprise when you realize many states hardly have highway tolls! Flying to Central America can be achieved with less than $250 -- I use Fly.com to track prices.

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