Trip Planning: Road Trip Ideas to the Florida Keys

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Florida Road Trip Ideas - Atlantic coast - ochristine

We’re on the road again! This time chasing a taste of summer to the southernmost end of the continental United States. I’ve never been to the Florida Keys, but after attending RVX in Salt Lake City, UT and “window shopping” the latest and greatest RV’s, I knew what better place to test one than in the RV-friendly sunshine state of Florida? My RV choice: the SylvanSport GO pop up camper.

With a newlywed life right around the corner, I thought an RV road trip might be a special time for Alex and me to step away from wedding planning and bond over new adventures, and our passion for the outdoors.

Ideas for a Florida Keys Road Trip Itinerary: Atlantic Coast to the Keys

Before our road trip begins, we’re taking a trip to Brevard, NC to pick up our RV! I immediately fell in love with this entry level RV at The RV Experience (RVX) for Go RVing’s Kickoff to Camping Season, and knew its light weight and hybrid design would make for an easy tent-to-RV transition.

Best pop up tent - SylvanSport Go - ochristine
SylvanSport GO - pop up camper tent trailer - ochristine

Here are some ideas we have for stops along the Florida road trip itinerary:

  • Point A: Pick Up Our RV in Brevard, NC

Our 2006 Subaru Forester has a towing capacity of about 2,400 lbs which makes it difficult to find a lightweight trailer that still offers a spacious layout. The SylvanSport GO fit the bill. Along the drive to Brevard, we’ll stop in Virginia for a night’s rest (it is about a 10-hour drive in total).

  • Point B: Drive from Brevard, NC to St. Augustine, FL

Surprisingly enough, I’ve never been to St. Augustine! I heard it is brimming with history and Spanish architecture, and offers serene coastal views for days. Instead of making stops between Brevard and Florida, we’ll kick off our Atlantic Coast to Florida Keys Road Trip with a 3 night stay in St. Augustine.

  • Point C: St. Augustine to Titusville, FL

Titusville, FL isn’t too far from St. Augustine, but an ideal location for visits to Port Canaveral, Kennedy Space Center, Orlando, and more. This area is actually nicknamed the “Space Coast”! What adventures shall we come across here?

  • Point D: Titusville to Fort Lauderdale / Miami, FL

I’m still unsure if this stop will fit in our trip, and we’ve been here a number of times already, but if you are looking for ideas for a coastal Florida Road Trip, you might want to add this to your itinerary. At the very least try a Fort Lauderdale tour that lets you go stand up paddle boarding down the Las Olas isles!

  • Point E: Miami to Key Largo, FL

We’ll finally reach the beginning of the Keys! Woo Hoo!

What say ye? Should we stay in the northern Keys for 2 nights (Key Largo), and then another 2 nights in Key West? Or should we find a spot in the middle? The Keys is about 200 miles long!

  • Point F: Key Largo to Key West, FL

If we decide to split up where we stay in the Keys, we’ll spend the second half in Key West. I am looking forward to seeing some marine life and going snorkeling! Those are two of my favorite things to do!

How We Are Preparing for Our RV Road Trip

To be honest, I’ve never road tripped in an RV before, so I am excited to try something new! I’ve always been afraid RVing wasn’t for our minimalist lifestyle but after attending RVX, I realize RV’s are more versatile than I thought.

Usually, when tent camping, we stay in State or National Parks that are usually a little drive away from cities and cultural sites (understandably so, since they often have acres of land). Because of this, I am most excited to finally have an RV that gives me tent vibes (with the SylvanSport GO) while allowing me to experience RV resorts and their highly praised amenities, as well as be situated right in the center of all the action: a combination of both outdoor and cultural experiences.

Here are some things we had to do in preparation for the trip:

RV and road trip essentials - ochristine
Road trip essential tips - ochristine
  • Search for an RV rental: if you don't own an RV you can rent one from a dealer or RV peer sharing site like Outdoorsy.

  • Book RV sites: we used Google Maps and Go RVing’s campground database to scout RV Parks and Resorts that fit our needs.

  • Double Check RV Site Amenities: Because we are road tripping with a pop up camper, we do not have a bathroom or washing amenities, so need to make sure the RV sites we book have toilets, showers, and allow outdoor cooking. I love ones that have a fitness center too!

  • Get a Hitch Ordered and Installed: In order to tow an RV, you’ll need a hitch. We ordered one from U-Haul and paid them to install it. Each car differs (including labor hours) so give yourself at least two weeks to get an appointment. It costed about $400 for ours.

  • Bring RV Supplies: An RV still needs supplies - so items like an extension cord, hammer, fan, lantern, cookware, and cooler are all important.

  • Budget: How will you eat and what will you explore? Since the SylvanSport GO doesn’t have a kitchen, and RV parks don’t always offer fire pits or grills, we will have to purchase a portable double burner (like a stove top) and some propane. Keep in mind, many RV parks and resorts do not allow burning wood so a charcoal or propane grill is best.

I am sure more ideas and must-do’s will come up later - but this is what we have so far, and we can’t wait to hit the road! Are you excited to follow along our next adventure? If you are from the Florida Keys, send us some of your favorite tips! Don’t worry, we won’t forget to try the Key Lime Pie :)

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