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I'm Olivia Christine Perez,

the travel expert behind O. Christine: a NYC-based blog that inspires people to prioritize travel and wellness, invest in experiences, and connect with the outdoors. You can call me Olivia.

As a Bronx-born Latina (with Lupus and a former overworked career) I know what it feels like to burn out and wish for an escape. What it feels like to be unsure of how to start anew.

This blog's mission is to (1) remind you that we can create a life we love despite our circumstance, (2) inspire you to explore overseas and in your own backyard, and (3) help you get started! We all deserve to explore more, rest and relax, frolic in nature, and live well.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here is more about me and my story. If your travel question isn't answered anywhere on this blog (don’t forget to use the search feature) follow me on IG and send me a message - I’ll try my best to get back to you. 

✈︎ What is your travel style?

From outdoor and gastronomic adventures, to affordably luxurious getaways, wellness experiences, or home stays — I consider my travel style to be peaceful and immersive. Travel needs to be easy on my mind, body, and soul.

✈︎ How are you able to travel with lupus?

I wrote a pretty detailed article on how I managed my lupus in order to travel more. Four years later and I'm still doing great — I even stopped medication! Remember to always consult with your doctor first.

✈︎ How can I Afford to travel?

Travel is all about exploring within your means while improving your saving habits. Here's how I saved thousands of dollars in one year while being a broke New Yorker. Now I make money through ads, partnerships, and freelance work.

✈︎ Who is the dude you always travel with?

That’s Alex, my fiancé. Though I started my travel journey solo, he joined me in 2015 and travels with me 80% of the time. Much of my travel content is geared toward solo and couple travelers, but often based on our travel experiences as a couple.

✈︎ Do you just travel for a living? How can I do what you do?

I do a lot to sustain this traveling life. I create media content for brands; work freelance as a marketer, designer, writer; and spend an additional 20hrs/week creating free content. When people ask this, they're usually referring to just the travel perks; if you're willing to do the work you can achieve anything you want!

✈︎ Should I quit my job to travel the world?

I won't say 'quit your job to travel', but I will encourage you to invest more time into joyful experiences — which might, in turn, make you quit an unfulfilling job to pursue bigger, better things. You don't have to become a nomad to travel.

✈︎ Will I miss out on love if I follow my travel dreams?

Hell naw! The best thing about love is it can happen anywhere, anytime. Your future love is attracted to you because you follow your dreams. In fact, I found my love because of travel. We are getting married in 2019. 

✈︎ How can I work with your travel blog?

Well, shucks! I'm flattered. I am always open to hearing proposals but must note that I do not accept guest posts, paid links, or off-brand collaborations. View my services to learn more. I am not currently hiring.

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