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I'm Olivia Christine,

an Afro-Latina blogger from New York City, living with lupus and traveling the world (both solo and as a couple). 

I've visited 30+ countries and share advice and authentic stories that inspire people to prioritize travel and wellness, invest in experiences, and connect with the outdoors.

This blog's mission is to (1) remind you that we can create a life we love, (2) inspire you to explore both overseas and in your own backyard, and (3) provide tools and information that will help you get started!  


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Thank you for visiting my blog! I love traveling to new places and hope to spread the joy of travel as a means of pursuing holistic wellness. Travel positively impacted my Lupus Nephritis, personal relationships, and self-confidence while improving my global awareness. Pretty worth it to me... #WillTravelForWellness

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