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As a marketing professional with a broad range of writing experience, I engage in developing (and deploying) copy for blogs, social media, and website content on various topics. Below is a list linking to samples of my work, including blog entries, reviews, and social media posts. Please note, these entries have intentionally excluded any imagery or related graphics.


In addition to being awarded for leading the redesign of McGraw Hill Construction's events website, I also managed site content on the Interwoven Teamsite CMS. I copy edited content to be published and created marketing copy for photo captions and blurbs. This is a screenshot of the site's home page:

Hotel Maracuyá
San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Poised atop a steep hill in the inviting beach town of San Juan del Sur, Hotel Maracuyá overlooks vibrant Nicoya homes and the landscape of Nicaragua. Just a short walk from the shore, its paved pathway leads to local artisan markets and restaurants, granting opportunities to meet new friends and discover neighborhood gems.

Hotel Maracuyá's Nicaraguan hosts are warm and welcoming, offering daily complimentary breakfast on the rooftop patio: a secluded retreat with hand-painted furniture and murals. Within the hotel, each air-conditioned room features comfortable bedding, brightly painted walls, an en suite bathroom with hot water, and an open-window shower.

The ground floor rooms open to face a charming garden, with handmade benches and tables placed along a wall of vines, offering a sanctuary for relaxation. You'll find yourself often sneaking away to recharge in one of the garden's hammocks, enjoying the breeze and shade on a warm afternoon.

Hotel Maracuyá is a rare find in San Juan del Sur. Close to the beach and robust nightlife, yet far enough from the cluster of surf hostels -- allowing for a good night’s rest and comfort reminiscent of home.


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As a content consultant, I manage a range of industry blogs, including medical and dental. Below are samples of blog posts I write for UK client Beam Ortho, on behalf of Breath Marketing:


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Tasting Summer in the South Bronx
Bronx, NY

A large white wall clock ticks for what seems like an eternity, completing the last restless minute of the school day. Awaiting freedom’s ring, anxious children fiddle their thumbs and twitch their legs; pass notes and doodle on their desks; with beads of sweat forming at their temples. It is the last week of school in the South Bronx and the summer’s sweet aroma smells of piraguas and delicioso coco helado. With one piercing ring granting the end of the school day, a rush of students push their way through Roberto Clemente Intermediate School doors like a flock of birds racing for a bread crumb.

The government pays half of the carfare, but the walk home is only a mile away. So 75 cents jingle loudly in each young pocket and the prospect of spending it on chips, sour powers, and a sugar juice at a bodega sounds more appealing than dodging fights on the MTA bus and subway. Plus, all the pumps are open.

High-pressured with an array of sprays at various heights, the locals open the fire hydrants at the first sign of summer. Adolescents in hues of peach, café con leche, and dark chocolate run through the streets, soaking themselves, their school clothes, and their straight, coiled, and wool textured hairs.

Congas and guitaros sound rhythmically in the background, playing from the living room of a first floor apartment. Heavy bass interrupts the Latin melody and a gray boombox in the upstairs window begins to battle the salsa music with hip-hop grooves. A volume war ensues.

The children are none the wiser.

Cars pass through the narrow two-way streets, lined with double-parked cars, honking their horns and requesting a car wash. A crowd of boys and girls jump at the chance to work, soaking dry sponges and rags without soap, hoping to make a dollar for their effort and good behavior. Excited young faces race towards the car windows, anxiously awaiting their prize.

No cash, but maybe next time.

The car windows remain shut, drivers shrugging and mouthing various excuses. They each drive off leaving a blanket of disappointment shrouding the faces of our future. It is a familiar feeling, yes, but equally damaging.

The sun is hinting at dusk and fragrant traces of arroz con gandules escape windows and seep onto the Grand Concourse, calling for dinner. Streets are crowding with foot traffic and the sounds of rush hour echo through the Morrisania neighborhood. An elevated 4 train screeches to a halt; the rumble of an express D train speeding underground shakes the sidewalk. Mothers are returning home from work, errands, or the third day waiting on line at the government aid office near the Yankee Stadium. Their children, dried off from the sun, sit on the Section-8 building stoops freestyling and showing off dance moves, flips, and tricks.

They speak of dreams, those children. Of what ifs; of rich people and police brutality; of the desire to see their parents’ Latin native lands; of who fought whom; of who dropped out of school; of who got a summer job already; of next year’s high school choices.

Stern calls from the windows mean dinnertime. The children bade a Latin farewell for the night: kissing each other, cheek to cheek. A young girl skips up the stone steps and into the lobby of building number 1489, cautiously passing a front door of shattered glass.

She presses the intercom and a buzz unlocks a second heavy steel door. She heads upstairs, riding a small elevator smelling of urine. The noise of children playing and being scolded sounds through the walls. The mouthwatering fragrance of fried chuletas and platanos maduros fills the hallway and a ray of light beams from the crack of a door, slightly ajar.

This is home.


I am very passionate about healthy living and wellness. So, naturally, writing for Blue Osa Yoga Retreat's "Earth Month" was a perfect fit. Here are some of the articles I wrote:

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Top 5 Free Photo Editing Apps

One of the most difficult tasks to keep up with while traveling is photo sharing. How do you keep everyone in the loop without sacrificing the quality of your photos?

Here are my top five favorite (and FREE) photo editing apps for my travel photography:

1. Snapseed (available on iOS and Android devices)
Snapseed is a powerful photo editing app that allows you to make changes to specific elements of your image. I use this app on my iPhone to adjust brightness and saturation in select areas, as opposed to the whole photo.

2. VSCOcam (available on iOS and most Android devices)
VSCOcam is like the hipster editing app for photos. There are paid features in the app, however, the free preset filters work just fine. This app does not allow for selective editing, but has a great fade and shadow feature that I find helpful when trying to give my shots a minimal, vintage effect.

3. Studio Design (available on iOS and Android devices)
For those adding an editorial twist to your images, Studio Design is typography heaven. It is a sweet app preloaded with a plethora of filters, text, shapes, crops, frames, and preset design packs. The app also frequently offers new overlays for download to add to your design stash. It's a great way to practice turning your favorite photos into the perfect viral meme.

4. No Crop (available on iOS and Android devices)
Anyone who uses Instagram knows how annoying its auto-crop "feature" is: cutting off our artsy rectangular photos to fit their square format. No Crop is a simple, easy-to-use app that lives up to its namesake. Simply upload your picture and resize it until you see that your photo isn't cut off. This quick fix will now leave a square of white space surrounding the image, tricking Instagram into thinking that you have given in and conformed to their requirements. I don't use this app often, but when I do, I feel very sneaky.

5. Picslide (available on iOS devices)
If you are looking to create a slideshow with multiple photos from your trip (and avoid annoying your followers with photo-overload), a useful app to download is Picslide. Unlike other slideshow apps, this free version does not leave a watermark on your finished product, so no one has to know you didn't pay. The app features the signature Instagram square format and allows you to select a 15 second time limit. You can also speed up or slow down your slideshow, as well as choose a song from your phone's music library to accompany the video.

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Acme Oyster House.

New Orleans, LA

The Acme Oyster House came highly recommended as a must have dining experience during our time in New Orleans. Planted right in the French Quarter, it was an easy walk from our AirBnb rental.

We arrived at the restaurant around 7:30 pm and were greeted by a line creeping around the corner. Approaching the queue, we asked how long the wait was; 30 minutes. The hostess then walked outside and informed the crowd that it would be a 30-40 minute wait. I found it hard to believe we all had the same wait time.

Luckily, my celebrity lookalike companion, paired with a bit of flirting, became a hostess favorite. We were called out of the line within 20 minutes, escorted through the loud, bustling room, and seated. The menus quickly opened, revealing a straightforward array of seafood options, and within three minutes our waitress arrived. We immediately ordered one dozen raw oysters, one dozen chargrilled oysters, and oyster shooters to start.

Disappointed by the round of oyster shooters, made with vodka and an unimpressive house sauce - I gag as I recall them - we were glad to receive our oysters and begin the chow down. The raw oysters, although appetizing, did not taste very far off from ones I've eaten here in Brooklyn; I admit, I am no oyster expert. But then the chargrilled oysters arrived ...

With one bite, the heavens opened. And it was AMAZING.

And on the seventh day He rested.

The chargrilled oysters were phenomenal. Smothered in butter and Parmesan cheese - two of the best things on Earth - we scraped every last bit of each oyster with our forks and then proceeded to lick the shells just to make sure we left none behind. The salty aftertaste resting on our tongues, we ordered another round of one dozen chargrilled and raw oysters, each, and explored the rest of the menu.

As our hunger satisfied, our gastronomic pleasure turned to gluttony and we continued exploring the menu; we requested red beans with rice poopa (grilled smoked sausage) in a large French bread bowl, jambalaya (seasoned rice dish with smoked sausage and chicken), and a fried fish platter.

We consumed so much that we forgot to order our drinks. There was no need for alcohol, anyway. We were drunk in love with food. And full. Very full.

By the time we cleared our oyster plates, poopa and jambalaya, the fried fish platter made an entrance. I stared down at the dense display and pondered how the three large pieces of breaded filet and fries would fit into our stomachs. I distributed the portions and took the first bite. At that moment I realized I was biting into the best part of the night's meal. I looked up at the others, wondering if they'd tasted it yet. Silence. With eyes wide open and fish stuffed smirks on their faces, the countenances alone read, "Delightful." The swai fish fillet was light, moist, and flakey, breaded and fried for a smooth, buttery experience.

Our tastebuds were in heaven but we could take no more. We began to slouch and adjust the waistlines of our pants.

Check, please.

The bill came reasonably priced, with most items ranging from $10-20 each; we left the restaurant in glee, impressed by our appetizing adventure.


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At McGraw Hill Construction, on behalf of the Senior Director of Marketing Communications, I proofed and edited press releases for all editorial conferences. This included cross checking speakers, sponsors, dates, and related information, as well as proofing the documents for factual and grammatical errors.


Architectural Record’s Innovation Conference Comes to Los Angeles on May 21
May 19, 2014

ENR+Dodge Global Construction Summit to Explore Market Trends & Critical Business Issues, May 13-14 in NYC
May 12, 2014



McGraw Hill Construction to Present Outlook 2014 Industry Forecast, October 24-25 in Washington, D.C.
September 17, 2013

ENR Mid-Atlantic Presents “THE PULSE: Innovations in Private, Institutional and Federal Healthcare Construction,” Friday, September 27, 2013 in Arlington, VA
September 16, 2013

ENR Risk & Compliance Summit to Examine Essential Strategies for Loss Prevention & Profit in Construction, September 20, 2013 in NYC
August 21, 2013

ENR Global Construction Summit to Explore Impact of Globalization, June 6-7 in NYC
May 21, 2013

ENR New York Presents MTA MWDBE Conference, May 9 in NYC
April 24, 2013

Engineering News-Record Announces Keynote Speakers for 4th Annual “Groundbreaking Women in Construction” Conference, May 14-15 in NYC
April 11, 2013

Engineering News-Record Presents 4th Annual “Groundbreaking Women in Construction” Conference, May 14-15 in NYC
April 3, 2013



Architectural Record's 10th Annual Innovation Conference To Be Held October 4 in New York City
September 6, 2012


At McGraw Hill Construction, I assisted with audience development and event coordination for approx. 20 national/regional conferences and awards dinners/luncheons, annually, meeting an events revenue goal of over $2M and serving up to 1,000 attendees. To do this, I coordinated social media efforts for events via LinkedIn group email blasts, Twitter updates, and Facebook posts in addition to editing all event marketing emails. Below is an example of promo copy and hashtags created in marketing a Global Construction Summit tweeted from our company and editorial accounts.