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Last updated: March 15, 2017


Saving (and Making) Money for Travel

  • Use a goal and savings planner
  • Minimize spending
  • Participate in a sleep study
  • Get refunds on your purchases
  • Do surveys for rewards points
  • Open a bank account (many banks give $100-$300 bonus dollars just to open a checking account)
  • Sign up for crdit cards that offer good benefits (like Chase Sapphire)
  • Pick up a side job like driving for Uber
  • Start selling your stuff (I've tried many apps but Craigslist is still a winner for me)
  • Rent out your bedroom / home
  • Use apps like Ibotta (I love that app) where you can essentialy get paid for shopping. Just scan your receipt.
  • Join Task Rabbit and start running errands for extra cash
  • Become a fake juror (how does this even exist?)

Jobs That Allow You to Travel

  • Airline jobs / flight attendant / pilot
  • Customer service rep - "work from home"
  • Truck drivers
  • Event planners
  • Software training

Trainings and credentials good for travel-friendly jobs

  • Graphic design
  • Yoga teacher training
  • Continuing education classes for certifications in your field (good for consulting)
  • TOEFL certification for teaching abroad
  • Matador University for learning about travel writing and photo/video

How to quit your job - The Quitter's Blueprint (see Chapter 9, "Call Me Quitter")

  • Step 1: Skillful investments
  • Step 2: Budget clean up
  • Step 3: Portfolio upgrade

    Read Call Me Quitter for the full breakdown

Blogging + Influencer Resources

How to Start a Blog

Here's a checklist of what you need:

  • Content management system - approx. $30 per month (I use Squarespace but Wordpress is the most preferred for Bloggers)
  • Domain - approx $20 per year
  • Professional email address - $5 per month, per address (usually comes free with domain but you should get a Gmail-style interface for better usability)
  • A "blog", "about me", and "contact page" on your website
    (I can set up your Squarespace website for super cheap if you are getting started and overwhelmed)

How to Make Money Blogging

  • Sponsored posts on the blog and social media
  • Advertisements on your website
  • Affiliate links
  • Create a product
  • Freelance writing

Influencer Agencies / Apps That Can Make You Money

Nowadays I get called directly from brands to work together, but here are companies I've worked with. I will only list agencies that proved successful for me.

  • Popular pays is an iPhone app for sponsored Instagram posts. Their interface is annoying but I've gotten good sponsorships with them.
  • Social Fabric is my absolute favorite influencer platform. I get most of my wellness sponsored work from them and they pay pretty well for an influencer site ($150-$300)
  • HypeMarket helped me as a small influencer. I secured one campaign with them when I first started for product and compensation. It is a bidding format.
  • Social Native is okay. The payout isn't great ($10-$50) but you'll work with good brands and get reposted if your photo is nice enough.
  • SheSpeaks recruited me so I don't know what their application process is, but I worked with a great brand, got paid $250 quickly, and they even sponsored a giveaway. The only thing is I've just worked with them once so don't know how consistent that work is.
  • Cooperatize is a travel partnership site in BETA. They seem to have potential but I haven't secured a gig yet, though I've heard good things.

How to Become a Leading Influencer

  • Join sites like Quora, Medium, or Reddit and answer questions related to your niche; get upvotes
  • Write genuine content with real opinions, consistently
  • Do your research!
  • Grow your social media following
  • Become a speaker at small events, gratis and then eventually get paid to speak at events
  • Respond to press inquiries on HARO (free)
  • Collaborate with other (bigger) expert influencers on a topic within your niche
  • Accept interviews

Grow your network on and offline


Learning a new language

Duolingo is my favorite free app for Android and iPhone

Flight deals and tips

Trip Planning

Transportation and Road Trips

  • Flavortown USA - great source for food stops seen on TV
  • Gasbuddy app - Find cheap gas near your area
  • Uber and Lyft - good taxi alternatives
  • Roadtripamerica - a great site for US road trip info
  • - my favorite site for planning transportation
  • Roadtrippers - I use this site and app when looking for off the beaten path destinations along a road trip (and driving costs)
  • Roadtrip USA - provides road trip routes


Hotels and Hostels

  •* is my favorite place to search for hostels and hotels
  • is great for checking out reviews for hotels, but also for restaurants and activities
  • is a great source for nailing down affordable hostels around the world (mostly dorm style)

Camping and Outdoor Housing

  • is a great website for finding campsites throughout most of the world and is a great tool for international travel (like camping in Patagonia, for instance)
  • is another places to search for campsites
  • another resource best for housing, truck stops, and campsites
  • information on camping via private and public land

Private Homes


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