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& the Pursuit of Wellness

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Olivia Christine Perez of O. Christine is a black travel blogger / afro-latina travel blogger who writes about outdoor adventure, wellness travel, culture travel, and more.

I’m Olivia Christine Perez…

but you can call me “O.” (for Olivia). I’m a Bronx-born girl on a mission to diversify the face of outdoor and wellness travel. I travel both solo and with my husband to reap the wellness benefits of travel through outdoor adventure, relaxation, and cultural immersion!

Despite 15+ years living with an autoimmune disease (lupus), I’ve visited 34+ countries and 38+ U.S. states, and believe prioritizing exploration and self-care helped improve my health! Follow along to find relatable content that fosters the pursuit of wellness via travel — and action-oriented resources to make it possible.

Currently based in Philadelphia, PA.

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Outdoor Travel | Culture & City Guides | Wellness Travel

My latest blog posts: outdoor adventure, wellness travel, and culutral immersion -- and tips on navigating it all!

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