Group travel and meet ups with O. Christine readers started spontaneously while traveling the world in 2015. Every destination announcement met emails from friends and fans hoping to meet up for an adventure! As the O. Christine blog and travel Instagram account grew, I realized there were more people who wanted to explore new places, create fresh beginnings, and learn more about the woman behind the blog.

O. Christine Retreats is an annual getaway for wanderlusters to come together, share positivity, and inspire each other to explore more and live well. There are other opportunities to connect with O. Christine; like at conferences and trade shows.

Events, Recaps, & Meet Ups

Retreat Testimonials

What a blast! I literally cannot wait for our next adventure!
— Sibu M. (Aruba Summer Retreat)
[The] Aruba retreat couldn’t have occurred at a better time. I was seconds away from work-related burnout [...] It was more than worth it!
— Shante (Aruba Summer Retreat)
I couldn’t have asked for a better group to share this awesome time with! Onto the next.
— Pat H. (Aruba Summer Retreat)