Merry Christmas!


Happy holidays, friends! Alex has just arrived in Costa Rica and we will be touring Costa Rica to show him all of my favorite places and even some new stuff!

Stay tuned.


I Got Published on Matador Network... Twice in One Week.

If you've been following me on social media, you might have read me joyously tell the world that two of my articles were published on Matador Network last week. That was exciting. 

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Thank you all for the support!

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"Why You Should Travel With Your Partner Before Getting Serious"

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"6 Memories of Every (South) Bronx Native" Read the article >>

"6 Memories of Every (South) Bronx Native"

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Happy Holidays from Costa Rica!

 Photo: Olivia Christine

 Photo: Olivia Christine

It's hard to remember that it is even December, let alone Christmas, in Costa Rica. There was a howler monkey screaming for 10 minutes and palm trees swaying from the light breeze. With "Green Season" ending, the humidity is rising along with the temperature.

Then today I heard "This Christmas" on the radio and checked my email to find a slew of retail promo deals for Christmas gifts. I must admit, there was a brief moment of sadness.

Welp. It's kind of hard to complain when you're in paradise, so I'll say no more.

On another note, Urban Outfitters keeps emailing me about sales on sweaters (should let them know I don't have a winter this year?) and Amazon has a 12 days of deals thing going on so... Boom. Happy shopping.

Missing ya'll like cray. Sometimes.


Travel Photo Diary: Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

A humid hello from the Costa Rican jungle in the Osa Peninsula (after a long bus ride from San Jose to Puerto Jimenez)! It's been a full week with lots of freelance writing and yoga. 

Here are last week's favorite pictures from my time in Costa Rica. 

I was extremely excited to return to beautiful Costa Rica. What I love most about the country is the mountainous silhouette surrounding me, no matter where I go. This shot was taken on an eight-hour bus ride from San Jose to Puerto Jimenez, in the Osa Peninsula, down Route 2.

Upon my arrival, a jeep was awaiting me accompanied by the warm smile of a woman named Haite. She is a Blue Osa employee and kindly shuttled me to my next destination.

Twenty minutes later, down an uneven road plagued with potholes and deep puddles, she turned left and entered what was to be my new home: Blue Osa.

The Blue Osa grounds were exquisite. A striking contrast from the road we'd just befriended, the Osa was draped in jungle greenery that screamed "Pura Vida!", presented amongst chic, minimalist landscaping and architecture.

The fresh water pool is a sweet perk.

My time here isn't all play. I am working on Blue Osa's blog and social media as a writer, and have full days writing and proofreading near beautiful scenery, while trying to squeeze in yoga practice.

Though I post pretty Instagram photos, this is what my work view looks like, most days.

On other days, especially the rainy ones, we nap...

Or huddle around new wildlife discoveries, like this snake near the garden.

Sometimes I catch a ride into town (Puerto Jimenez) and visit the few local shops there, like this art store.

And then there have just been special moments when we just kick back and relax, circle tightly around a laptop, and watch movies.

I know you're wondering...

The food here is actually great. It's farm-to-table and primarily vegetarian for breakfast and lunch; we usually each chicken or mahi mahi for dinner. The kitchen staff is quite creative when it comes to making new meals with the same ingredients.

That's Casey from "A Cruising Couple". Our work here happened to coincide and we all quickly bonded (as all travel bloggers should, I'm sure!). This is Casey having fun as a guest bartender at cocktail hour before dinner. She makes 'em strong.

The past two weeks have flown by and I'm worried the end of my time here will arrive before I know it. So, I try to take a moment and appreciate everything around me as much as I can. I feel extremely lucky to be where I am in life, and as I look out to the sunset, I realize it wasn't luck at all. It was hard work... and maybe a little bit of fate. :-)

Here is our dear yogi Aaron in a photo from yesterday. It was Dan and Casey's last night here and we had an Intention Ceremony where we, in celebration of the New Year and Winter Solstice, put our intentions into the flame while chanting. It was quite powerful.



COMMENT BELOW: What's your favorite photo from the trip, so far?

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