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You Don't Have to Stop Traveling Just Because You Have Kids. Here's How to Make it Work.

I keep hearing people say, "I have kids now -- I can't travel". But that's wrong! While every circumstance is unique, please know that traveling with a child requires travel adjustments -- not abandonment! Here's how to make it work (plus a LeapFrog Epic tablet giveaway to keep your kid entertained in transit).

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Is It Rude to Ask How Much Money a Travel Blogger Makes?

I know your itching to know: Is it rude to ask how much I make?

Am I a wealthy travel blogger able to afford seeing the world? Am I paying my school loans and other debts comfortably? Is my new travel partner / boyfriend my "sugar daddy", fronting the costs? 

Here's why it is rude to ask, and what you can ask instead to avoid being offensive while still gathering information.

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Traveling With Lupus in Yellow Fever High-Risk Areas

A few months ago I received an email from a reader who has lupus and wants to travel South America but cannot receive the Yellow Fever vaccine. After responding, I thought an updated public reply would be super important to share, in case more of you would like to know...

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