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Alex and Olivia in Casco Viejo

I fell in love with travel when I started exploring alone. It forced me to face myself: my harshest critic. I discovered aspects of my soul and personality I never knew existed, because I was too busy searching for flaws. 

I learned to trust myself, stay true to myself, and maybe even slightly appreciate myself. I guess that’s not unheard of: finding your strength when you are alone.

Traveling just to see friends and family is new for me, believe it or not. I've gotten really good at traveling alone and sometimes forget what it feels like to have large company.  But that was the primary focus for the next portion of our adventure. Alex’s cousin Veronica and her husband Ben were in Casco Viejo (Casco Antiguo) for the month of April and our 15-hour trek across the border from Costa Rica was perfectly scheduled just to see them.

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Alex and Olivia Explore Puerto Viejo

I can't believe it finally happened! Alex has joined me on the road to nowhere after moving on from his job to pursue his dream of travel. I remember the first night we met like it was yesterday and now, here we are. One year later and setting off in pursuit of bucket list dreams. Our first stop: Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica.

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