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Inside Scoop: A Holistic Wellness Getaway and Heritage Site in Old Quebec

Who would've thought people would flock to sleep in a nun cell for wellness? This hotel in Old Quebec is a 400-year old heritage site and now, modern wellness hotel.

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Traveling Made Me Switch: My Tom's of Maine Experience (Plus a GIVEAWAY!)

I gave up conventional deodorant after an eye-opening travel experience. Here's a peek at my daily diary entries about my switch to Tom's of Maine natural deodorant. P.S. Enter my Tom's of Maine giveaway at the end of the post!

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Traveling Natural: My Hair Story

Okay y'all. I hear you. I will be adding posts about how I care for my hair and health while abroad. No fancy videos but just real information on solutions to the challenges I face.

One thing I've learned while traveling with natural hair is that my hair reacts to every country differently. It's quite difficult to create a regimen when my diet, the quality of water, availability of water, humidity, and climate are constantly changing. With that said, I aim to share a post about my haircare for every country and show you new products I'm using for that specific climate and area. I hope you find it super helpful and easier to travel with your natural hair. 

So I guess I'll start with my story and where I am now with my hair:

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