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5 National Parks You Should be Obsessed With (and Wellness Tips for Your Trek)

To get started on your own National Parks journey, here are five inspiring parks that you need to be obsessed with (as well as my favorite wellness survival tips for making the most out of your treks).

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Exploring the Last of Venice's Canals California

So apparently there was an attempt to make an American Venice over 100 years ago and I didn't know about it. I guess it all makes sense now, but in case you didn't know either here's the scoop on the last of Venice, California's Italian-inspired network of canals. Hint: it's gorgeous and the perfect afternoon outing. 

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Get a Free Lift Ticket During Your SoCal Visit (2016 Winter Season)

We are so excited about our free lift ticket to Mammoth mountain! Here is info on how to take advantage of Ford's easy offer. (I am not associated with the free ticket... I just love free stuff so have to let you know.)

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