Announcement: Women in Travel Summit - April 2017


I am excited to announce that I've been selected (and have agreed) to join the Wanderful team as a social media volunteer and attendee at their annual Women in Travel Summit (also known as WITS) in Milwaukee, WI this April 21-23, 2017. I've been wanting to attend this conference for a couple of years now but travel schedules and a tight budget made it a bit difficult to arrange. This time though, the timing was perfect.

What's in Milwaukee?

I asked myself the same thing, to be honest. But I quickly learned that Milwaukee is known for its food, beer, museums, festivals, and creamy-brick architecture -- to name a few. 

The benefit of exploring Milwaukee with WITS: free tours throughout the city!

The Women in Travel Summit has arranged a number of free pre- and post-conference activities for attendees. These tours and events will grant access to some of Milwaukee's best features.

From brewery, cocktail, and distillery tours to exploring the Latin Quarter on Taco & Tequila night and tasting our way through the Milwaukee pizza scene on a cool bus, WITS really set up a fun-filled program for everyone.

Want to join me in Milwaukee for the WITS conference?

If you want to meet me, have a chance to pick the brain of travel geniuses, or meet female travel influencers, creators, and brands, snag the last few 2017 travel conference tickets left!

No, there are no more volunteer positions left (you've gotta be on your early bird A-game for that) but if you come this year as an attendee and learn the ropes, you just might be able to score a volunteer gig next year! Anything is possible.

Oh and they have $100 WITS discount for bloggers and influencers, too.

PS. This is not sponsored. I am just excited to tell you all about it.