How to Activate and Use Free WiFi Calling When You Travel

Last updated: July 2019

Get free calls with wifi when you enable free wifi calling

One day I received an alert from my iPhone about free WiFi calling. My mobile device asked if I wanted to activate Sprint WiFi calling and though unsure of what if was, I agreed. #RiskTaker

If it worked the way it sounded, I knew it'd be essential for my upcoming month traveling in Asia, where I'd have to hop on a few conference calls with US clients for work. I also knew it'd be great to test out, since my post on how to activate Sprint's free global roaming feature is my most popular tech article to date. 

Here's what you need to know about Free WiFi Calling + my experience using International Wifi Calling instead of Sprint International Roaming Calls

What is WiFi Calling?

WiFi calling is a mobile feature that allows you to make and receive phone calls to any US, US Virgin Island, and Puerto Rico phone number over WiFi, for free. It is available for iOS and Android devices.

How to use international Wifi Calling to make Free Calls While Traveling

When I travel, I activate my free Sprint Global Roaming plan for unlimited 2G data and unlimited texting. Sprint’s international roaming calls, unfortunately, are 20 cents per minute.

Previously, I used Google Hangouts to make phone calls online, but receiving calls was a little more complicated (and many of my clients and family didn’t have apps like What’s App and Skype.)

Now I turn on WiFi Calling instead and make or receive phone calls to/from the US for free, just as long as I am connected to WiFi (I use a Sprint iPhone 6s with a US phone number. Update 2019: I now have the iPhone XS with the same US phone number).

Does international WiFi calling work well?

You bet! While in Taiwan (a destination that has some of the most reliable internet I've ever experienced) I was able to take hour-long conference calls that were clear and without lag or interruption. When I checked my phone bill upon return, I had no extra charges.

  • Note: there are a some countries that do not allow WiFi Calling, like China, Syria, Cuba, North Korea, Iran, and Sudan, to name a few. Be sure to check with your carrier to ensure the country you are visiting allows it. Using a VPN for WiFi Calling violates the feature's terms of service.

Get free calls with wifi when you enable free wifi calling

Which cellphone Carriers Use WiFi Calling?

I use Sprint, but WiFi Calling is not exclusive to Sprint. My husband, Alex uses Verizon and an Android (Samsung) and was alerted to his WiFi Calling feature shortly after me. After doing some research, I can confirm that the four major US mobile carriers: AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile all offer free wifi calls through Wifi Calling.

How to Activate WiFi Calling on iPhone and Android 

Here is how to activate WiFi calling on both Android and iOS devices (instructions are below the images). When activation is successful, you'll see your phone's signal read "[Carrier] Wi-Fi" at the top of your device screen. Mine says "Sprint Wi-Fi". This indicates you can start enjoying the perks of free calls with wifi!

Get free calls with wifi when you enable free wifi calling
Get free calls with wifi when you enable free wifi calling
  • iOS instructions to activate free wifi calling on iPhone: Go to settings; scroll down to "Phone"; under the "Calls" section, click on "Wi-Fi Calling"; Toggle switch to turn on (it will light green when on)

  • Android instructions: Go to settings; scroll to "Connections"; search for Wi-Fi calling (note: Android steps vary per device)

Cons of WiFi Calling

With every new bit of technology, there's always a downfall. With WiFi Calling, here's what I found to be the cons:

  • Dropped calls: Sometimes I forget to turn off WiFi Calling when I don't need it, which isn't a big deal until I am taking a phone call with a bad WiFi signal. My previous home office, for example, had a bad WiFi signal and dropped my calls often. I had to constantly remind myself to turn if off and use my standard mobile service.

  • WiFi Calling uses your location: If you have location services on, your mobile carrier is able to see your location if needed, as well as emergency responders. I don't mind this, but some people do.

  • WiFi router must meet hardware requirements: I was in a hostel once where my WiFi Calling did not work, therefore forcing me to take a call at 20 cents per minute. I later learned that routers are recommended to be "a Wi-Fi Router that supports either the 802.11n or 802.11ac standards" (source: Sprint) and that budget hostel had a really old router. (Referral: That hostel was a rarity in a sea of awesome and budget-friendly Taiwan accommodations.)

  • Warning for limited WiFi: WiFi calling uses about 1MB/minute of data, which means if you (or the Airbnb or hotel you are staying at) have a limited WiFi data plan, you should be aware of your WiFi usage.

Ready to travel with free WiFi Calling?

Let me know where you're off to next! I hope you find the free Wi-Fi Calling feature useful (and easy to enable) -- it is a travel-friendly tech favorite for me and totally upgraded my connectivity while abroad.


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How to activate free wifi calling on iPhone and Android. Enable free wifi calling for your international trip.
Get free calls with wifi when you enable free wifi calling