#TravelTuesday Photo Spotlight: Joshua Tree, California


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Must-visit Destination: Joshua Tree National Park in California, United States

Jennifer from "Made All the Difference" travel blog writes:

"This photo was taken along Park Boulevard in Joshua Tree National Park, California. These trees are part of the Queen Valley forest in the Mojave Desert. 

The national park is named after the Joshua Trees that are abundant throughout the area. Originating from the Mormon settlers, the trees reminded them of the Biblical story of Joshua and provided early settlers fuel for fires and supplies for fencing -- thus named "Joshua". 

The park has abundant hiking and rock climbing. During the cooler months between October and May, the park's rock formations are a haven for climbers from around the world. The miles of hiking trails range from short trails through cactus or rock formations to longer backpacking trails into the wilderness. 

Before becoming a protected area, there were several mines within the park boundaries. Most the entrances are closed but their ecological damage can still be seen. 

The park is well known for its colorful sunset and has some of the darkest skies in California, offering amazing stargazing opportunities. The high elevation and dry desert air combined with the California climate means clear skies for most of the year."  

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