#TravelTuesday Photo Spotlight: An Ancient South Asian City

This week's #TravelTuesday spotlight is on a photo by travel photographer, Steph from The Wannabe Vagabond

Hoi An, Vietnam.jpg

Can You Guess Where This South Asian destination is?

Hoi An, Vietnam

Once a powerful kingdom's capital seaport, Hoi An whispers centuries of history along the corners and crevices of its well-preserved architecture. Fused with modern day life, Hoi An embodies the cross between ancient Vietnamese, Chinese, French, and Japanese history and mainstream pop culture. From its garment industry to historic sites and lively nightlife, it is a top destination to visit in Vietnam.

My favorites in Hoi An: getting custom-made suits for Alex and strolling along the river lined with colorful lanterns that light up the night sky.

Read Steph's thoughts as she snapped this scene:

"As I wandered over the bridge and looked out over the river, there was a very prominent clash of old Vietnam vs. new Vietnam in Hoi An. What the picture doesn’t tell you is that as serene as this image of ‘everyday life’ is, a Vietnamese pop song was blasting in the background, interrupting the peaceful setting.

A camera crew sat on the bridge filming three colourfully-clad women as they mimed along with exaggerated hand gestures to the country’s next big hit. As I watched on amused at how animated and unfazed they were by gawking tourists (myself included), I guessed they were being featured in a music video.

It was hard to imagine this being the setting of such a modern and westernized role, all while a traditional Vietnamese fishing net sat dormant behind them with a backdrop of the famous 18th century Japanese Covered Bridge crawled with tourists.

The fusion of centuries on one small patch of earth was enough to make me stand still and smile for a moment. Then I took this photo. I wanted to remember that moment; it taught me that no matter where you are in the world, we can embrace our past, but we can also embrace our present and our future."

- @TheWannabeVagabond

Would You Visit Hoi An, Vietnam

I was there for a few nights and *loved* it.  The properties are decent and comfy (some are a bit far out so definitely rent a motorbike) and average $30 per night, with plenty of budget and luxury options also available. Here is a link to my affiliate Booking page for a look at the types of hotels in Hoi An, Vietnam and their great prices.

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