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The Best 4 Days in Tulum, Mexico (Bachelorette Party Tulum Itinerary)

Here is the perfect Bachelorette Party Tulum itinerary for 4 days in Tulum. Grab your besties and book your flights to experience cenotes, snorkeling, ruins, and more! (Includes bonus Tulum vacation tips and can be used for couples travel too!)

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You Don't Have to Stop Traveling Just Because You Have Kids. Here's How to Make it Work.

I keep hearing people say, "I have kids now -- I can't travel". But that's wrong! While every circumstance is unique, please know that traveling with a child requires travel adjustments -- not abandonment! Here's how to make it work (plus a LeapFrog Epic tablet giveaway to keep your kid entertained in transit).

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Under £300: 5 Day London Vacation Guide

Currency exchange is a killer when you're hit by the dreadful USD to GBP conversion. We learned our lesson pretty quickly when visiting London in August, and I decided that creating a realistic vacation guide for you was essential. 

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What to do in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Puerto Viejo gives flavor to Costa Rica that no other town is able to offer. With reggae vibes, indigenous Bri Bri influence, and a laid back, beach environment, the small town is the perfect beach getaway. Here are my favorites from my stay in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica - perfect options for a 2-4 day visit.

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Caribbean Ports Worth Cruising To

If you are looking to begin your travel journey but are intimidated with the options or want your budget to stretch farther than just visiting one place, booking a cruise might be a great idea. Caribbean cruises are cost effective, entertaining, and provide opportunity to explore a number of the beautiful neighboring islands and countries. Here are Ports of Call worth cruising to, and activities to do while you are there!

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6 Things You Must Do in Monteverde, Costa Rica

Aside from the beach, of course, Monteverde is one of my favorite places to go to when visiting Costa Rica. We all know about the amazing cloud forest that everyone comes to experience, but what else is there?

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