October Recap: Ups, Downs, and In-betweens

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It is November already and my body still feels like it is June. I started these updates a long time ago but never followed through. This time I'm trying again! 

October 2017 was an exciting month: we celebrated Alex's birthday, took a 10-day cross-country road trip, and started settling into our West Coast housesits.

The Ups:

  • We finally visited the Badlands, Mount Rushmore, and Great Basin National Park. At the Badlands we stumbled across an awesome campsite five minutes outside of the Badlands entrance (there are also teepees and hotel rooms) and were pleased with the location. Here, we tested out my new drone for the first time and recorded some footage for my upcoming DJI Spark review.

  • We celebrated Alex's birthday in Reno, Nevada and fell in love with the brewery and distillery scene. Alex's aunt and uncle then treated us to a delicious Turkish restaurant upon our arrival to the east Bay and his other aunt hosted a dinner for us in Oakland. We were showered with food from left to right and felt so blessed.

  • We completed two West Coast house sits: one in Oakland and the other in San Francisco proper, now making five consecutive 5-star reviews on our housesitting profile.

  • I got back on track with consistent blogging and even wrote up a housesitting FAQ article for those interested in the home and petsitting phenomenon. I also published my ancestry results from 23andMe and am LOVING your reactions.

  • Alex and I celebrated halloween with part of the best extended family I could ever have. It was such a hilarious time and a joy hanging out with our West Coast loved ones.

The downs:

  • Car trouble in paradise! Yes, we had some issues with Alex's car (none as bad as our scare in Winters, TX) but were lucky to have noticed it while in the Bay area. We had to change our plans a bit but thankfully had a few days before our next housesit so it didn't affect the schedule much.

  • Fires in the North Bay: We felt so bad for the people who lost their homes and lives just minutes from us. The smoke-filled air was a constant reminder of the disaster and as house sitters we were worried about the air quality affecting the birds and dogs we were caring for. Luckily keeping the windows closed was sufficient though our home owners offered to pay for us to relocate to a hotel if needed. Here is a link to a news article I found to be quite useful for anyone looking to donate to victims of the North Bay fires.

The in-betweens:

  • After 1.5+ years of taking road trips and considering new hometown candidates, we have yet to choose a city we'd love to settle in. The list goes on and we are basically just a bunch of homeless-by-choice ungrateful chaps who will never be satisfied. This isn't a real problem, hence the "in-between" classification; we are enjoying the journey along the way! Read the full vent here.

  • I designed a new website called The Sow Collective to separate my marketing, brand, and design consulting work (so many people book me through this blog), and created a new productivity members-only accountability program for bloggers, creatives, and entrepreneurs. The club is in pilot phase now with select participants and open to the public next month for waitlisting. I am SO EXCITED. It was a lot of work to set up though and completely draining, so I am now taking a deep BREATH.

How was your October?

What are you looking forward to this month?