March Recap: Ups, Downs, and In-betweens


Happy end of March and happy birthday to my youngest sibling, Mercy -- who is now 23! (Wahhh where did the time go?) This month we got back into the swing of things: experiencing east coast life, spending QT with loved ones, and getting back into our work grind. Here are the highlights of the month:

The Ups:

  • We arrived in NYC in enough time to see my mom and Alex's dad for their birthdays. We have been consistently absent for most occasions since we started traveling three years ago so this was pretty cool.

  • I was invited by Visit Philly (Philadelphia's official tourism board) to attend a press trip with Latino influencers. It was an honor to represent for Latinas (especially Afro Latinas) and I uncovered so many new spots to enjoy. You can check out my Philadelphia guides here.

  • I went to NOLA again! This time to celebrate my college roomie's wedding (see photo of us parading the French Quarter, waving hankerchiefs) and spend time with my future in-laws. We enjoyed the city's local favorites, spent Easter together, and even visited Studio Be: an impressive warehouse housing art collections that depict the modern day black experience. Seriously worth the visit.

  • I got featured on PopSugar, again! Good press features always comes in waves, for some reason.

  • I announced my first giveaway on The Sow Collective, and have been steady growing the members' club with amazing female entrepreneurs.

The Downs:

  • Hello, car trouble again! It's bad enough this baby is struggling; the eastern weather did not help! Our drive to NOLA was delayed by a few days due to a few car issues. When we finally set out, yet another Nor'easter hit and we not only got stuck in it, we overheated and broke down in it. We got lucky though: AAA tow truck, transfer, and auto shop help was all completed with 3 hours and we were back on the road. The verdict: it seems the trucks in front of us kicked up too much snow and blocked the vents.

  • Back on that American diet: Whether it is because of what is in our food or the fact that traveling keeps me moving more often, managing my weight is difficult when "home" is inconsistent (or you're road tripping longterm and eating at highway stops -- yes, pre-packed meals gets boring fast). Now I'm referring back to all my old wellness posts to get motivated and back into healthier habits.


The In-betweens:

  • Our wedding venue search has begun: I've been frustrated with 50% of it. I love the organizational part -- reminds me of my wedding design and event planning days. But for someone who has a public blog / persona and is known for transparency, I am pretty private in my personal life. The hundreds of questions that accompany an engagement has become the bane of my existence, bringing out the introverted part of me. The part of me who has to do deep breathing exercises before going to a networking event and an even deeper social detox after a party. The "peopling" has been at an all time high and I just need silence.

  • Taxes: So yeah, I'm feeling broke after paying taxes and it hurts. But that's okay because every year since I quit my job and followed my heart and health, my income has doubled. I look forward to paying even more taxes if that means I am making even more money doing solely what I love. Cross your fingers.

How was your month of March?

I am truly blessed and often have trouble finding "downs" to talk about. Not because they don't exist, but because they don't need to necessarily bring down my entire month. May the next month help us express even more gratitude.