My Favorite Colorful Photos of Cartagena de Indias, Colombia on Instagram

Brightly painted colonial structures. A walled city by the sea. Live music, dance, and Spanish song rising from the lively streets. This is Cartagena de Indias in Colombia!

If you are planning a Cartagena, Colombia vacation and seeking inspiration and tips on the best things to do in Cartagena, let colorful photography be your guide. I adore scrolling through vibrant, colorful travel photos and if you’re like me — you’ll love these pics of Cartagena de Indias.

Here are my 14 favorite Instagram Photos of Cartagena, Colombia

The first thing I think of when adoring the idea of a visit to Cartagena de Indias is eating my way around town! In standard Cartagena fashion, this restaurant is adorned in a welcoming coral and turquoise paint.

Y'all have probably seen this photo from me before because I absolutely LOVE it. From the street art to the cascading flowers, how can you not want to walk around Cartagena for hours!? It is such a photogenic city.

But then there's this photo by @PamelaDalla - which feels slightly more “grungy” and authentic ...why do we associate grunge with authenticity, anyway? Maybe it’s the filter!

Nevertheless, just a stroll beyond the walled city can give you a glimpse of Cartagena beyond the well-preserved calles and into the daily life of city locals making a living for themselves among tourism.

Last building photo, promise! But can we talk about all the Instagram photoshoot opportunities Cartagena offers? I mean, serious #SolangeGoals. This photo is by @ForeverChasingWanderlust.

Before my visit to Cartagena I assumed these beautiful Afro-latinas were similar to the Inca-Peruvian women in Cusco -- walking around in traditional clothing for anxious tourists itching to take a photo. I was mostly right; though I didn’t realize how deeply rooted the history of slavery existed in Cartagena.

Love this photo by @Marciastad.

A photo posted by Menchu Ripoll (@nudeandco) on

Mmmm... now we are talking. I was traveling southern South America forthree months before heading to Colombia — and I was craving traditional Caribbean meals. Hello patacones, chicharones, and more! Thanks, @nudeandco for this food porn.

A photo posted by Africa (@ivandeavilaramos) on

Have any of you walked the city walls of Cartagena, Colombia? Such an epic view! @Ivandeavilaramos does such an amazing job of capturing this destination.

Who wants to get to the nitty gritty of Cartagena's music scene? This photo by @chiaramecozzi has me ready to dance the night away -- what about you?

If you seek beautiful architecture, bright colors, and IG worthy photos, Getsemaní and the walled historical center are two walkable areas you must explore in Cartagena de Indias.

So this photo by @leidyorozcophotography is actually at the Rosario Islands -- an archipelago people visit while in Cartagena. If coffee is your thing, this "all you can drink" coffee boat is the business. 

A photo posted by Lucho Parada (@luchoparada) on

Can you say "Shopping"!? How many hats will you buy while in Cartagena? Thanks to photographer, @luchoparada, I want them all! But what about those bags in @marianapenteado's photo, too? I love to carry a colorful pouch for beach days. Hmmm... so many options. My mom bought a hat and loved it!

A photo posted by Sebastian (@sebas96david) on

My kind of sunset. This photo by @dsb960 captures the happy feeling of being in a perfect place with the ones you love and the blessing of travel. 

Look at that view of Cartagena! @G.Traverso took this stunning photo from the Convento de la Popa, the city's highest point. Such amazing photography!

So I guess the question is...

When are you catching a flight to Cartagena, Colombia? Read about our group trip to Cartagena - now on the blog!


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