In the Lab: iKross 47" Tripod Unboxing and Review (Plus Video)

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Photography during a vacation, tour, event, or any other important occasion is an unspoken necessity for most people. So unspoken, however, that many forget to invest and prepare themselves with the technology, supplies, and accessories needed to adequately capture their favorite moments.

For solo and couple travelers in particular, getting "the shot" proves to be a difficult challenge (and forces you to make some friends -- which is not always a bad thing). And for media professionals like me, we don't just need good photos for memories - we need it for work.

The hunt for a perfect lightweight tripod

I searched online to hunt for a cheap, sturdy, lightweight, and well-reviewed tripod. The tripod would need to accommodate all of my devices and be light enough to carry around the world without feeling like a burden. It should also be fairly quick and easy to assemble. 

After a day of research, I ultimately purchased a new versatile tripod for my travels and blogging: the iKross 47" tripod. Available on (I bought it on sale for $39.99 -- pretty cheap)*, this tripod includes adapters for multiple devices (smartphone, action camera, digital camera, and tablet), a carrying bag, and an easily removable mount.

Watch this review video on my Travel YouTube channel as I provide a first-impression review of the iKross 47" tripod.

video below:


Do you use a tripod?

Before using a tripod I often found places to lean my phone or camera against while trying to get the perfect shot, but this tripod has certainly made things easier (especially when it comes to outdoor travel, like being near cliffs and water).

After traveling with this tripod as a carry-on for the first time and can confirm it doesn't feel too heavy at all! I was able to do a hotel room photo shoot for a press trip but was afraid to bring it outside among crowds (what if someone takes it and my camera!?). I'm still trying to work out a solution for that dilemma.

What do you think is the top affordable tripod out right now?