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Viceroy Chicago Guest Room

I’ve always dreamed of staying at a Viceroy hotel. From its Mid-Century Modern and Contemporary Chic style to its seemingly effortless attention to detail, the properties scream design and sophistication. To be honest though, at 350-450 dollars per night, Viceroy was always out of my price range. So when I booked the Viceroy Chicago as a mystery listing on Priceline, I was extra excited to score an affordable two-night stay at a luxury hotel in Chicago, Illinois.

So is the Viceroy Chicago worth the big bucks?

Here is what staying at the Viceroy Chicago hotel was like, along with some of my favorite photos.

Diverse female traveler in luxury hotel lobby
Entrance of Viceroy Chicago

Alex and I arrived at the Viceroy Chicago in the evening. We were nearing the end of our Great Lakes road trip and we were exhausted. Feeling like balling bosses (since we were staying at the Viceroy Chicago, obviously… ) we pulled up in front of the hotel with our dusty car and asked about valet.

Before the words even came out of my mouth I saw the staff members were eager to open our doors, hold our stuff, and carry me all the way upstairs if I let them! I get overwhelmed with this kind of enthusiastic service so I closed the car door and just rolled down the window. I just wanted to know how much valet was.

Valet vs. Public Parking in Chicago’s Gold Coast Historic District

We quickly learned valet parking with Viceroy Chicago was $72 per night so that parking option was a big No for us.

Between our struggle car and sticker-shock facial expressions, it was clear we were not Viceroy’s usual clientele. Instead of making us feel like broke posers though, the valet gladly recommended more “affordable” parking lots nearby. After all, the Viceroy Chicago is located in the affluent Gold Coast neighborhood — "affordable” took on a different meaning.

We left our car parked out front to check in quickly and received tips for dinner and drinks nearby. I went upstairs and Alex headed out to park the car in a nearby lot for $40 instead. Street parking wasn’t really an option in the area, and we would be there for less than 36 hours. Parking lots were the best option.

Inside Scoop: The Viceroy Chicago Guest Room

Our Viceroy Chicago guest room had an Art Deco feel to it. The geometric shapes, gold and black accents, and unique finishings gave it an androgynous aesthetic. Its interactive TV welcomed us and their summer wellness weekend schedule advertised Saturday rooftop yoga, Sunday group workouts, and daily bike rentals.

There was a bar and stocked refrigerator, but we opted to spend our money outside overpriced room amenities. That said, the snacks and drink in the cooler were actually “less expensive” than some of the mid-range hotels we’ve stayed at. Interesting…

Travel and wellness blogger reading in hotel bed.
WOC traveler reading in bed at the Viceroy Chicago
Wellness Schedule Card for Viceroy Chicago Hotel
Hotel Room TV at Viceroy Chicago
Hotel Bed Quality at Viceroy Chicago Hotel

My Favorite Guest Room Features

I fell in love with Viceroy Chicago’s bathroom. So much so that our new home’s master bathroom will be somewhat similar. The bathroom had a separate toilet area, and its vanity and shower had a pocket door entry. The mirror illuminated white — perfect for getting ready — and the gold accents gave mixed metal vibes to contrast chrome faucets.

Guest room vanity at Viceroy Chicago
Luxury shower at Viceroy Chicago
Gold art deco bathroom accessories at Viceroy Chicago
Art deco room decor at Viceroy Chicago

Wellness Amenities at Viceroy Chicago

Though the room design and decor was a no brainer, I was especially interested in the hotel’s wellness amenities. Yes, the bed was heaven for comfort. Yes, the stall shower had perfect water pressure. But off to the gym I went, to inspect their offerings.

Elliptical machines at Viceroy Chicago hotel gym

Viceroy Chicago’s gym was a modest size. But to be fair, it’s a narrow hotel on a Chicago city street — what else do you expect?

Despite an underwhelming square footage, I was glad to find a set of ellipticals that overlooked restaurants, so I could drool my way to wellness. They also offered water and refreshing towels, fairly new weight machines, and a small space for floor workouts. The low ceiling made tall gems like Alex and me feel a little closed in, though.

Here’s what I didn’t love about Viceroy Chicago:

The rooftop pool experience didn’t do it for me. While the pool is perfect for a Chicago summer vacay, it was a bit crowded every time I went up there. I tried twice but since the pool is a small, you open the door to the rooftop and it’s like, Bam! — everyone is at the pool looking back at you. It created a moment of awkwardness for me. Perhaps more extroverted people wouldn’t have minded it.

I, on the other hand, ran back to my room.

Olivia Christine, traveler with natural afro hair in Viceroy Chicago hotel guest room

Final thoughts about Viceroy Chicago

Overall, I was pretty stoked to finally have stayed at a Viceroy hotel at nearly half the price (I used Priceline Express Deals to get that price; read about that experience here). I loved the service and decor there. Comfort was exceptional and it made for an exciting two-night stay in an awesome city. I’d love to see what magic can be made when there is even more square footage.

While the hotel’s regular pricing still seems high, you are getting great design and luxury amenities in a big, expensive city. Personally, I’d love to stay at a Viceroy in a typically less expensive destination like their property in Mexico, where the price point is a little higher but the inclusive benefits (and space) are plentiful.

What do you think of the Viceroy Chicago?

Could the Viceroy Chicago be one of Chicago’s best hotels or nah? Let me know your thoughts! If you’ve never stayed at a hotel that offers rich design and decor, you must — it is definitely a visually delightful experience.

xx, O.


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