This Snack Guide is Perfect for Your Next Road Trip


A couple of summers ago I experienced a health scare. Well, sort of a misinterpreted scare but still very important. Here's the short story (if you're not in the mood for story time, just scroll down for the guide):

As I called my doctor to receive the latest results from my routine blood work (just my usual effort to keep my lupus under control), she informed me of shocking news in a thick Latina accent: "You have 3 diabetes; so no more sugar for you."

Three diabetes? But how?

I had no idea there was even a third type. A quick google search (a.k.a. the "Am I dying?" confirmation) revealed there was research that in fact pointed to a link between Alzheimer's Disease and guess what: a lesser known/recognized Diabetes Type 3. The proposed link had something to do with a resistance to insulin in the brain. Really scary stuff. 

I bursted into tears, devastated about my new diagnosis. I called my mother (a diabetic) and wailed about my life being over. She interrupted me, "But how the hell? I've never heard of that. Are you sure she didn't say "Pre Diabetes"? 

Boom. Cue the light bulb. 

I felt so stupid. That made so much more sense. That was why my doctor didn't seem that concerned when she told me. That was why she didn't prescribe any medication.

After reviewing my faxed results I confirmed it: I was just a hair over the recommended range and yes -- technically pre diabetic. Could it have just been the orange juice and bagel I had for breakfast before my blood work? Yes. Could it have been the sour patch kids I reentered into my daily routine? Definitely. 

I was determined to reverse the diagnosis so did some research. 

I asked my mentor, who is a doctor; my mother, a very knowledgable diabetic; and Google, my BFF. I learned I should eat fruit before the afternoon (keep those sugars as far away from bedtime as possible). I remembered that because carbs are sugar (and turn to fat), I should focus on low-carb snacks -- especially if I wasn't going to be physically active that day. And lastly, I confronted my relapsed obsession with the only children I've ever truly wanted: sour patch kids (I really had to cut it out).

And it worked.

Three months later (and every three months after that) I was cleared of my pre diabetes diagnosis. 

Pleased with my results and eager to share the information, I created a one-page graphic based on data found on the American Diabetes Association website that could be used as a quickie guide for snacking -- whether on a road trip or at home. Oh and it isn't filled with gross recommendations. I am a very picky eater and can confirm it is Olivia-approved (okay except for the celery sticks, but most people like those so I kept it). 

It is free and you don't need to do anything in return (just right-click the photo and select "Save Image As"). I hope it helps because I know NO ONE wants the elusive "3 diabetes".


Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor and this article is based solely on my experiences. My snack guide has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration and is not intended to replace medical advice from your doctor.


Keep exploring!

xx O.

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