Beautycounter, NRODA, & Sarah Vasquez Sponsoring Our Cartagena Group Trip

When I started planning our second international retreat, I knew I wanted to connect with companies and brands that shared a passion for the things I love. I wanted to be able to pass that on to the dreamers and travelers that would join our next group trip.

My goal: to inspire people to find courage in pursuing entrepreneurial dreams, shift to a lifestyle that is better for our health and happiness, invest more time in de-stressing, and take a step toward pursuing your passion.

Here are this year's O. Christine Retreat sponsors for our trip, "Cartagena in Color 2017":

Beautycounter | Emily Voss 

I fell in love with Beautycounter a while back because of their product ingredients glossary. Along my wellness journey, focusing on products with less harmful ingredients and giving my lupus nephritis a fair fight became a priority in life.

While Google-searching my own products, I stumbled upon this page and loved that the glossary defined sources and key properties of ingredients in every product sold on their website. I had no idea Beautycounter was revolutionizing the beauty and personal care industry.


"The United States has not passed a major federal law to regulate the safety of ingredients used in personal care products since 1938."

Beautycounter is not only moving personal care products forward with better, safer products, they are also advocating for legislative change within the industry.

When I e-met Emily Voss, a Beautycounter Executive Director, I took a leap and asked her to be a part of this event. I knew I wanted everyone to try free samples of their personal care products and thought it would be the perfect opportunity. Everyone should experience making more informed decisions when it comes to what goes into their body everyday. 

You can learn more about Beautycounter on their website. If you are joining the Cartagena retreat, expect to enjoy free samples!

Beautycounter is #wellnessgoals.

NRODA | Samantha Smikle

NRODA (formerly TNEMNRODA)'s founder, Samantha is a lot like me. But way better.

I met her a decade ago when I was obsessed with fashion and modeling. I watched her pursue a journalism and fashion career, excelling at her work at impressing everyone.

Then she started a blog -- which wasn't as common at the time.

And that hobby blog turned into a really popular fashion hub -- even Essence magazine was obsessed. No seriously, they named her one of the best fashion bloggers of that year (she was a trend spotter) and listed her with big industry names like SOLANGE. 

And when you didn't think she could do more, she took a chance and jumped knee deep into her own accessories line called NRODA. Peppered with cultural influences from her colorful Caribbean background she used NRODA to showcase fashion-forward eyewear designs and trendy jewelry pieces.

Samantha is living her craft and balancing life while staying sane. She has dreams and passions and runs with them, giving her heart to each project. 

When I asked her to join the Cartagena trip as a swag bag sponsor, I knew I wanted to gift travelers on the retreat a token reminder of what happens when you leap. Her handmade jewelry line is adorned by celebrities, sold overseas, and adored by some of the biggest magazines and fashion critics

TNEMNRODA is #dreamergoals.

Tnemroda Jewelry ochristine

Sarah Vasquez | Transformation Coach

So what happens when you start to live life fully aware, making informed decisions in everything you do, and start realizing you want to be happier, pursuing big dreams?

You get yourself ready for big transformations.

Sarah Vasquez is a transformative coach helping individuals live their best life by cultivating self-love, self-awareness, and confidence to move forward. She specializes in healing past wounds while helping clients navigate through challenging or new transitions. 

You ever meet someone that always knows how to ask the right questions? That doesn't feel like they are planning their answer while you speak instead of just listening?

That's Sarah.

When I met Sarah, her entire presence sang "support system". And what is life without one?

If you have dreams and passions and want to find a way to move forward, you need to create a plan. That's where coaches like Sarah come in. She works to help you conquer the fears and struggles that make you feel stuck and create a step-by-step action plan to achieve your goals.

"You will learn how to train your mind and emotions for success, how to recognize self-sabotaging patterns that are taking you away from your true calling, how to develop positive habits that will change the course of your life, and how to build the momentum you need to create lasting results."

Naturally, I couldn't lead a retreat that encourages dreamers and travelers to think more about pursuing their passions without a trained professional to help the process.

I asked Sarah Vasquez to sponsor our retreat with a free one-hour remote coaching session (no strings attached) for each attendee upon their return home and she generously agreed!

Sarah Vasquez is #transformationgoals.

Who else is stoked about these 3 sponsors?


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