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Is It Rude to Ask How Much Money a Travel Blogger Makes?

I know your itching to know: Is it rude to ask how much I make?

Am I a wealthy travel blogger able to afford seeing the world? Am I paying my school loans and other debts comfortably? Is my new travel partner / boyfriend my "sugar daddy", fronting the costs? 

Here's why it is rude to ask, and what you can ask instead to avoid being offensive while still gathering information.

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Traveling With Lupus in Yellow Fever High-Risk Areas

A few months ago I received an email from a reader who has lupus and wants to travel South America but cannot receive the Yellow Fever vaccine. After responding, I thought an updated public reply would be super important to share, in case more of you would like to know...

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Don't Get Stuck at the Bolivian Border Without These Documents (If you're American)

After an adventurous time exploring Peru, I took the Bolivia Hop bus to cross the border to Bolivia. Little did I know, as an American, I needed about 8 different things to be allowed to enter. Caught off guard (I am always prepared!) and frustrated that I didn't hear about the information beforehand, I rushed to get all of my paperwork at the last minute. Though the regulations are rumoured to change frequently, as of June 2015, here is what you will need to cross the border from Peru to Bolivia if you're American:

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