The Financial Diet: How I Lived in Costa Rica for 2.5 Months on Just $500


You might remember my nearly three-month journey in Costa Rica (Winter 2014/2015) but you never read the details on how I won at landing cheap flights, free room and board, and the experience of a lifetime - for under $500!

I've finally given up my secrets to the popular website, "The Financial Diet" and you're going to be SO inspired by the end of it you might feel ready to pick up and go, yourself.

Note, I have a USA passport (and budgeting skills) - so am fully aware of my privilege over those with more restrictive passports, but don't let that stop you! I was juggling loans and credit card bills while doing this, so it can be done without compromising the experience. 

Check out the article over at The Financial Diet, and show it some loveeeeee.