#TravelTuesday Photo Spotlight: Bagan, Burma


Beautiful Travel Destination: Bagan, Burma

This week's #TravelTuesday spotlight is on two travelers from Finland, Kaisa and Ossia's stunning photo of a boy in Bagan, Burma. Don't worry - they paid him.

Hear what they have to say about their encounter:

Our first trip to Bagan was full of wandering through nature passing sunrises and sunsets. This photo is taken just before the train station in the desert, with amazing Pagodas at the top of the hills.

At the railway there were children waving their hands to travelers as if they wanted to give a warm welcome to everyone. The truth is: those children wanted money from travelers. We offered a small amount of money for school and food to a few of them.

We found it a bit sad that Bagan was so full of tourists, but local people don't have much of a chance to gain wealth - so they rely on this. Although the fee to enter Bagan is 25,000 kyat (which could be huge for local people) they don't get any of the money. All of it goes straight to the government. Hopefully that will change in the future.

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