#TravelTuesday Photo Spotlight: Portofino, Italy


Hot Travel Destination: Portofino, Italy

This week's #TravelTuesday spotlight is of traveler, Doan Nguyen's stunning photo of Portofino, Italy. 

An easy day trip from Genoa, Portofino is a luxe vacationer favorite. Doan Nguyen says, "Portofino is a small coastal village with a picture perfect harbor and high-end hotels, shops, and restaurants. It lies on the Italian Riviera coastline, filled with colorful houses perched on a cliff."

My tip: For a true local culinary experience, don't get caught up eating at touristic, overpriced pasta joints. Instead, search for local staples like olives, fresh herbs, and meats and explore the outskirts and nooks of this beautiful village. 

Thinking about visiting Italy? 

Check out Booking.com's top hotel picks for Portofino. While you're in Italy, here are some free guides to other Italian destinations accessible by plane, train, or bus. Because, who only visits one place - right?



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