#TravelTuesday Photo Spotlight: Abu Simbel, Egypt


This week's #TravelTuesday spotlight is on Lance and Laura from Travel Addicts.


Hot Travel Destination: Abu Simbel, Egypt

"In 2011, Egypt was plunged into Revolution as the Arab Spring swept through northern Africa.  Just weeks after the Revolution, we found ourselves in Egypt…alone. With the world’s tourists avoiding the country, we had some remarkable experiences and had many places to ourselves.  The highlight of the trip was being completely alone at Abu Simbel in southern Egypt.  This monument to Ramses II and his wife Nefertari was almost lost when Lake Nasser was built behind the Aswan High Dam project. Thankfully Abu Simbel was relocated and the monuments were saved, giving rise to the creation of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites." - Travel Addicts

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