We Used a Cargo Box for Our Road Trip and it was Totally Worth it


If you followed our five (ish) month road trip around North America you probably noticed that we were camping, hiking, meeting with friends, visiting beach towns and hot weather destinations, and snowboarding.

So many drastically different environments, right!?

Here's how we fit all of our stuff into a Small sedan for a road trip

Store your stash up top: the Thule cargo box. (See photo above)

We didn't always have it, but a quarter of the way into the trip Alex decided he NEEDED to snowboard so we went to an REI in Denver and ordered a Yamika RocketBox for pickup. It was about $300 and when it showed up I was PISSED.

  • First: it seemed expensive as hell for what it looked like. 
  • Second: it was soooo ugly. It was totally disproportionate to our car.  

It was too narrow and way too long; it looked like a spaceship. But Alex didn't care--he wanted it. He NEEDED it. Grace be to the universe: when he went to install it, it was BROKEN! 🙌🏾 and REI didn't have another one! Hallelujah.

So we bought a used Thule cargo box from REI

While Alex was ready to accept his broken box my friend Adaobi and I became assertive backseat drivers to the situation (which was probably annoying) and STRONGLY recommended he request a better product for the same price. That's when we found out they (the REI associates) could look into their returned inventory and check to see if anyone sent back a similar cargo box. 

We got lucky.

Ultimately, we ended up buying a used Thule cargo box from REI for a negotiated $200 (originally$600, marked at $250). 

Perks of Using a Thule Roof Box

This Thule box is wider and shorter and fits his snowboard equipment, two large duffles, two tents, air mattresses, yoga mats, and all the shoes and clothes we love to freely toss everywhere. It is sleeker and easily removable. It also locks / opens from both sides which makes it easy to access our stuff and keep our belongings dry when driving through the occasional torrential downpour. 

NOTE: we had to purchase the roof rack separately and got that from a BMW dealer.  

DOUBLE NOTE:  this is not a sponsored post

Are you planning a road trip? 

If so, how will you keep your belongings stored? I must say, having the cargo box sure is easier! 

Have fun!