5 Eco-Friendly Ways to Stay Well While Traveling

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Happy Earth Month! I can’t believe it is April already. As you may know, I just returned to New York City after a 4.5 month adventure in South America. And just like my previous adventures around the world, I am sure you are wondering: how did I stay healthy and avoid burnout while traveling?

Yes, travel can take a toll on your body and wellness. And truthfully, it can even take a toll on the Earth’s wellness! Because of this, I often try to make conscious and intentional decisions about the activities, brands, and products I include in my routine to make the most out of my travel experiences.

Besides keeping my free airline eye mask with me for a good night's sleep where ever I go, here are my favorite eco-friendly ways to maintain good health when I travel:

Stay Hydrated While Traveling

Drinking water is an easy one, yet so many of us seem to forget to stay hydrated while traveling. The problem? It’s difficult to find safe drinking water in so many countries! The water in some destinations, despite their beauty, is often best enjoyed store-bought.

When traveling under such circumstances, I try to find the best eco-friendly and affordable ways to stay hydrated. For me, that requires purchasing a multi-gallon plastic jug of water as my main source and filling up a reusable container as my water bottle. This allows me to waste less plastic yet avoid dehydration.


Avoid Over Packing 

Don’t you hate when you go on vacation only to return and feel like you need a second vacation to recover? That’s how I feel when I over pack.

Not only does heavy baggage cause back and shoulder pain, it is a nuisance to lug around, might cost you overage fees, and actually requires more power from the vehicles transporting you. 

I like to create a checklist to help keep me on track when packing, and then remove ¼ of that list. When pain is the least of your worries, you can explore freely with less stress and physical aches.

Take care of your teeth while abroad

Oral health is one of the most difficult things to keep up with if you’re backpacking or on an outdoor adventure -- I’ll be honest. It just slips your mind (or isn’t feasible due to chemicals in the product or park restrictions) and next thing you know that six-day Patagonia trip only meets three-days of brushing. 

That’s why I love using products that are made up of biodegradable or mineral-derived ingredients like Tom’s of Maine “Luminous White™” Toothpaste Clean Mint. Not only is a whitening toothpaste like this safe on my enamel, it also fits into my eco-friendly lifestyle.

Find Fitness on the Road -- anywhere in the world

As you can tell from my travel Instagram page, I love walking everywhere. It helps me discover destinations on and off the beaten path and offers the opportunity to share awesome photos.

The truth is: walking is also my main form of exercise.

I put on walking shoes or a strong pair of sandals (like my Birkenstocks) and get the trotting: I’ve walked up to two hours just to get from point A to B in an effort to save money on transportation and get exercise, and have walked for up to five hours per day just exploring.  

Walking keeps me fit and helps me cut back on pollution caused by transportation. Most of all, it shows me parts of a city that I would’ve otherwise missed while on a fast-moving vehicle.

Have a Positive Outlook

Um, why are we still underestimating positivity in 2017!?

The one thing travel has taught me is that outlook is everything. Sometimes things don’t go as planned. Sometimes you miss your plane or bus. Sometimes you realize you’ve booked the wrong type of room for your two friends (sorry, guys). And sometimes you have to find courage and make a new friend while lost.

Studies show that happiness is an essential ingredient in personal wellness (and stress, a key detriment), so if you find it difficult seeing the bumpy roads and hurdles as part of the adventure, know that staying positive throughout it all is actually keeping you well – at no cost to the earth or your wallet.

What other eco-friendly wellness tips have you discovered while traveling?

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xx Olivia Christine xx