Exploring the Last of Venice's Canals ...in California


More than 100 years ago, developer Abbot Kinney decided to create the Venice of America in Southern California. Obsessed with Venice, Italy's gondolas and romantic allure, the developer created a network of man-made canals throughout what is now known as the Venice Canal Historic District. 


Unfortunately, automobiles soared in popularity and it became quickly evident that more roads were needed (and NOT canals). Thus, many of the 16 miles of canals were filled and Kinney's dream of a new world Venice, shattered.

How to Visit the Venice Canals:

The Venice Canal Historic District is the perfect afternoon trip if you are visiting SoCal (especially L.A.). Now lined with million dollar houses after being renovated in the early 1990's, the canals that remain provide beautiful scenery for a short afternoon walk.

Visit the area for the charm, postcard photos, or a quiet escape from Venice beach. You can access the walkway right off of S. Venice Blvd., just steps away from the boardwalk.