How I Plan My Travel Goals and Save Money

Everyone asks me how I am able to juggle this life of travel, blogging, and freelancing and the answer is - I plan. I am big on saving money and very meticulous about setting goals. I even doodle my own calendar to keep me motivated. 

2016 - Best Weekly Planner (Printable, Double-sided)
9.99 14.99

This is the perfect printable weekly planner for dreamers who want to travel, live well, and save money. 

- PDF file
- 100 color pages (double-sided) 
- 8.5x11" printable planner
- savings tips
- witty and encouraging commentary
- dream matrix
- yearly goals
- monthly goals
- weekly savings break down
- end of month evaluations

- for best layout results, print full page and double-sided
- this planner works best in a binder or professionally bound
- please see inside tips on how to use your planner effectively
- use #DreamersPlanToo to share your goals and achievements

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Then I thought, why not transform my chicken scratch into real designs and share it with you? So this is for you: your very own printable weekly planner that forces you to claim your dreams, set your goals, and think of ways to save more money (for travel, duh). 

It is perfect to print at that job you hate (because, ink) and install into a three ring binder for your desk. 

Oh and it's on sale for $5.00 this weekend so hurry and get the 200 pages of goodness (100 double-sided) before I realize its worth. ;-)

Let me know how you like it! I created a new hashtag #DreamersPlanToo so use it and tell me how its going!