The Truth About Having Nomadic Friends


Who doesn't dream of travel, exploration, and freedom? 

It was all I’d ever wanted. So I took hold of that dream and tried to let go of any apprehension, insecurity, or anxiety about taking a leap of faith. 

And I'm so happy I did it!

But even all the joy in the world is sometimes paired with an ounce of reality. Separation from long term relationships is one of the truths I must face while traveling. 

How Nomadic Life affects relationships

I've conditioned myself not to be attached to people. I'm the girl who'll depart for good and try to leave quick and painlessly; like a student up to mischief sneaking out the back of the class.

Saying goodbye becomes difficult. Giving false promise of reunion feels unfair. I want to let them know they are appreciated when I am with them so as not to need such a drawn out goodbye. 

Traveling is perfect for that: I meet amazing people everyday, and with every personality, experience, and electrifying soul — poof! One day they're gone like fallen leaves from an autumn tree, wilted overnight. 

You see that's the downfall of befriending me, a nomadic soul. Our friendship will be vibrant, enriching, and we might even fall in love. But just like the seasons, I'll slowly drift away. And you'll find new life. New love. New experiences. 

The best thing about being a traveler

You'll find warmth from new friends in winter. Go barefoot running under warm rain showers in spring. And melt with hot wanderlust love in summer. Over and over again. 

I think that's perfectly okay, though most people won't agree with me.

They'll tell me that deep down inside I'll become lonely. But, at this point in life, I need to know that I followed my own dreams and my own heart, without the opinion of others. My road of self-realization. My path of understanding.

My journey of accepting that I am but a short strand in this web of human connection.

Those who know me best understand and appreciate that. And that's all that matters. 

The truth about nomadic friends

Be careful when you befriend a nomad. You might rarely see them, if ever. But the time spent together will be worth years of late night talks, laughs, and morning sunrises.

You'll feel their energy in other people, in nature, and in the breeze that wisps a strand of hair across your face, ruining your neatly laid tresses and — just for a second — letting you feel what it is like to let go and be free.