How I Flew to Iceland for Free

Photo by  Tim Wright  on  Unsplash

Photo by Tim Wright on Unsplash

My month-long visit home felt like a week overbooked with eating, friends, and doctors appointments. And, here I am - back at the airport! This time around I am going to Europe and Asia until December with the first stop being: Reykjavík, Iceland (check out my trip here). 

Here's a Little Secret:

My flight to Iceland was free. Well, sort of, technically. You see, my intention was to fly to Amsterdam but what many people don't know is Iceland Air actually provides free stopovers in Iceland! So, for the price it cost me to buy a one-way ticket to Amsterdam, I'm going to both Amsterdam AND Iceland. 

This isn't your usual annoying layover, either. Iceland Air allows up to a 7-day stopover at no additional fee. So I took advantage of the perk and stayed a few days to make the most of my Iceland stopover.

The Deal: 

As long as you're crossing the Atlantic Ocean between any of the 15 U.S./Canada and 25 Europe destinations Iceland Air flies to, you can schedule a layover at one of 7 Iceland stops. 

Where to Stay:

If you are looking for a place to stay while you're there, you should check out our friends Halldor and Tota's Airbnb listing. They live near the pier and walking distance to downtown. Their two bedroom apartment had that bomb wifi (you know I need it) and was really close to the supermarket so we made lots of meals to save money (Iceland is expensive!).

What's even more lovely is the neighborhood is super quiet so you can rest all day to ease your jetlag, if needed, and there's enough free street parking if you decide to rent a car! Ask me more about the apartment if you have any questions. They live in the apartment next door and are as sweet as they come.

My Advice:

Check out and look up the cheapest flight that works with your schedule - to any destination, then stopover for as long as you want for up to 7 days. Even a 1-day stopover will give you enough time for an all-day soak in the famous Blue Lagoon hot springs. Here's a link to more itinerary suggestions depending on how long you choose to stay. 

Have fun! xx


Iceland Air Photo Credit: Helgi Halldórsson