How to Prepare for a Ridiculously Early Morning Flight

Flight so early, employees enter  with  you. That sh*t cray.

Another adventure means another butt-crack of dawn flight. That part gets old quickly, I'll admit, but if getting the best price glitches and flight deals means flying at ungodly hours — I’m in!

Here's how I am able to endure the "joys" of walking into the airport at opening time for an international flight: 

1. Create a packing routine

I am a self-proclaimed packing drill sergeant. I refuse to wake up more than 15 minutes before departing my home in the morning so I make sure I have EVERYTHING ready to go the night before.

This means, if I don't need it at home, it should be packed away; if I will need it in the taxi, it should be in my pocket; and if I will need it at check-in/security, it should be in the most accessible pocket of my bag.


Stick to those rules and you will shave at least 15 minutes off your wake up call. 

2. Shower the Night Before

I mostly shower at night anyway because it allows time to moisturize my skin and tame my hair in preparation for the upcoming day of travel. It's also an easy way to soothe my body (and worries) before bed, and even help me get to sleep quickly.

Showering the night before, as opposed to the day-of, saves you from wasting time while you stare blankly at the wall, in disbelief that you woke up before the sun even considered rising.

3. Pre Set Your Travel-Day Outfit

I am unsure if I do this for fun or efficiency, but I actually set out my outfit the night before according to every step I'll take in the morning: clothes by the bed, shoes and jacket near the door, etc.

Before bed, I may even put on some of the clothes I intend to wear the next day. Roll out of bed? Boom. Outfit already halfway on and another 5 minutes shaved off my wake up call. 

4. Accept The Traveler's truth

Okay, truthfully, maybe I don't religiously travel prep (or bathe) before every trip — because who is that level-headed with a completely free schedule to prepare every night? Not me. Nevertheless, I really do try to stick to this routine.

Whenever I follow these steps to prepare for an early morning flight, I find I get to "sleep in" a bit more, reduce airport anxiety, and have a better attitude in preparation for all the things that would otherwise annoy me when traveling while exhausted.