Cheap Baseball Games + Giveaways.

Mets vs. Rangers, Citi Field
Photo: Olivia Christine

First things first: my boyfriend is a Mets fan.

I am not.

However, as a native New Yorker (go Yankees!) I support my city. So when he told me about a Groupon for cheap Mets tickets, I thought - why not? One of the best things about summer in the States is baseball. And I truly love the adventure of going to a good game, scoring sweet seats, and of course - winning both the game + free goodies.

On Sunday, we slept in and weaned our way into the day for the one o'clock game. If you want to see a man become excited about getting dressed in the morning, watch him choose which baseball cap and jersey he wants to wear! Sheesh.

We'd purchased $15 tickets the night before from Groupon but had no easy way to print them (and the MLB online ticket app wasn't working) so we crossed our fingers in hopes that they'd help us at the stadium. We arrived at Citi Field at 1:00 pm exactly, with Alex becoming anxious that we were going to miss something good, and headed to the box office. We told them our issue and they gladly printed tickets for us within minutes. Way too easy.

Everything came with ease, actually. From driving there, to parking, to retrieving our tickets. We were at a Mets game, after all; there weren't huge crowds of belligerent jerks... there were friendly staff members and excited families. Which was kind of refreshing, growing up with hardcore Yankees fans all around me and then going to Boston University with crazy Red Sox fans creating a scene everywhere they'd go.

This was nice. Quiet. A relaxing Sunday watching baseball.    

Alex, excited about our new seats.

The weather was delightful and the stadium caught the perfect breeze. The sun glistened over the field and the freshly cut grass glowed a brilliant green. The Mets were already up, and enthusiasm rang throughout the crowd. Our seats were way up top, but we never quite made it there; from the looks of it, neither did anyone else. We stood on the main floor watching the first inning, ready to buy beverages, and found we liked it down there. On the walk to the escalator we noticed a large section of seats behind the dugout that weren't quite filled yet. We looked at one another with mischievous eyes, reading each other's minds.  The attendant wasn't paying attention and there were a number of people going in who clearly were coming from the higher seats. So, we took a chance and sat in two seats on the lower level, undetected. We were so excited about our new view! What's more: no one ever came to fill those seats, so we were glad to have taken the chance. 

As if it wasn't already the perfect day, a Mets/Pepsi promo staff member then approached us to let us know we were the winners of their next giveaway: The Bacon and Beer Classic. The event is coming up in a few weeks and we won a t-shirt, koozie, and two tickets to attend. The tickets normally cost about $63 each and includes food, beer, entertainment, educational sessions (can I add this to my résumé?), and souvenirs. But there was a catch... we had to get on camera waving our prizes and smiling.

Our winnings!

For those of you who know how shy and particular I am about my appearance on camera: I was mortified. I knew I should've worn make up! I knew I should've worn a better top! Word to the wise my friends: get dressed everyday as if you will be on TV. Because the day that you don't, is the day that you will. Good thing it only went on the stadium's big screen and not in your living rooms. Phew. 

While waiting for our close-up, we chatted up the staff member and asked her a few useful questions. For those of you looking to win big at games, here is what they look for:

  • You must be wearing an item of clothing representing the team

  • Sunday afternoons usually have more family crowds, so kids are more likely to be chosen

  • Evening games are more likely for the adults to be chosen

  • If they are giving away tickets to an event, they will select winners in the event's target age group

Luckily we met the criteria and were able to be spotted in our new, good seats! ;-)

We won the game that day, 8-4. I got a nice tan and my new blonde highlights got lighter from the sun (cue Beyoncé hair flip).

Alex got burned, though... I guess we can't win 'em all.