Nicaragua: Bad with Endings.

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua | Photo: Olivia Christine

My time is coming to a close here and it is hitting me like a sack of rocks. I soon have to head back to Costa Rica, as Sage and Brent move on to Ometepe.

I am spending my last days at the beach, La Playa Hermosa. It is an oasis for self reflection and the water is calming. I once jumped into the ocean without realizing I still had money in my swim top and watched the bills float, yet that didn't bother me a bit. I eventually got the money back.

I am realizing, that my journal entries don't capture half of what I've done here. Yet, I don't know where to begin and am horrible with endings.

At some point during this trip I attended a reggae concert and became friends with a big group of frat boys; I hate frat boys. But there's something about the islands that makes you all-accepting. I also met a girl who was a travel snob and a sweet 19 year old from Argentina who'd been traveling for 6 months, without a plan to return home anytime soon. She said it's normal for kids her age to go on these trips alone. It makes me wonder about American culture.

I often went to the market. How lively it was every morning. Fresh fruits and vegetables, with a splash of an occasionally addictive search for candy, were my daily finds. I dined in Nicoya houses; women making their homes feel like a restaurant, excited to share their tradition.

I got locked out of my hostel at three in the morning once and roamed the block, sharing a taco with a stray dog until someone opened the gate. The dog followed me for the remainder of the trip.

I also met Evan and Nic, two rad Canadians that were a dope pair of friends. Evan is Riff Raff's number one fan, I am sure, and looks like a young Keanu Reeves. Nic rides dirt bikes like a BOSS (or is it motocross?) and is probably the nicest person I've ever met. Meeting these two randomly help remind me of the great connections I can create when I am myself, without a care or fear in the world, at least in that moment.

I cannot help but hope that I will see them again, one day.