Costa Rica: Trekking on.

Puntarenas, Costa Rica | Photo: Olivia Christine

Finally moving on to warmer weather. Of course we miss the only bus heading down to the ferry from Monteverde. I'm really getting good at this winging it thing. 

I hitched a ride with an amazing Australian couple I met while ziplining. Although their van had no back seat, I was just fine laying on their camping gear.

They were heading to Panama and I found myself growing envious of their nomadic match. I've never been able to share a wandering life with a romantic partner. One of us was always worried about money. 

And so, one hitched ride, shady walk, direction request from an auto shop, and bus ride later, I was in Puntarenas - heading for the ferry and tasting the beach town vibes!

My "I just missed the bus" face.

Our savior! | Photo: Olivia Christine