Oh, just jumping off mountains in Costa Rica.

Let's get straight to the point. I extreme ziplined on New Year's day (also called canopying) on thirteen different courses, "tarzan" swung, and "superman" flew over water; the latter two being the most thrilling IN. MY. LIFE.

I met amazing people and exchanged info (usually hostel information since most have limited phone / internet access)... It's been nice to have people to meet up and enjoy dinner with. Also, their recommendations on where I should go to next have been great!

This activity was more of a personality obstacle course for me because I sometimes have a hard time initiating conversation with strangers. When I finally overcome the fear in that moment, I am always grateful that I took the leap. I find I often put myself in situations where I am forced to meet new people and step out of my comfort zone, and I see myself grow with every new interaction.

This was the perfect environment to overcome that shyness: by sharing extreme, possibly last breath, moments with complete strangers. 

Canopying in Monteverde
Photos: Olivia Christine