Happy Holidays from Costa Rica!

Photo: Olivia Christine

Photo: Olivia Christine

It's hard to remember that it is even December, let alone Christmas, in Costa Rica. There was a howler monkey screaming for 10 minutes and palm trees swaying from the light breeze. With "Green Season" ending, the humidity is rising along with the temperature.

Then today I heard "This Christmas" on the radio and checked my email to find a slew of retail promo deals for Christmas gifts. I must admit, there was a brief moment of sadness.

Welp. It's kind of hard to complain when you're in paradise, so I'll say no more.

On another note, Urban Outfitters keeps emailing me about sales on sweaters (should let them know I don't have a winter this year?) and Amazon has a 12 days of deals thing going on so... Boom. Happy shopping.

Missing ya'll like cray. Sometimes.