Stranded in Costa Rica.

Costa Rican mornings | Photo: Olivia Christine

A nor'easter hit. They're calling it a polar vortex, back home.

And here I was, at this Americanized hotel, wishing I was back at the beach town sodas eating chuletas and picking the dirt out of my dreadlocking hair.

As Adaobi and I started contemplating how to stuff all the free food in our bags for our journey, I received notification that our flight home was cancelled.

I waited hours trying to connect with Jet Blue, until their phone lines went down all together. Their website stopped working. I was roaming internationally and furious. And so I did what anyone my age would do. I tweeted. I DMed Jet Blue and in 140 characters let them know my confirmation number, name, and phone number accompanied by the words "HELP. PLEASE CALL!".

Another two hours passed. It was one o'clock and I was getting worried. We clearly couldn't afford to stay here another night, but the sun goes completely down by 5:30 pm and nothing was nearby. Eventually I received a call from Jet Blue (roaming!). An hour later we figured out that I wouldn't be able to leave the country for another week, and that Adaobi and I were going to have to split up. She was heading to Africa for school and couldn't miss her flight from NYC. Our time together was coming to an end.