Costa Rica: Boots and a Bus Stop.

My boot are made for walking.

I've been lucky enough to walk through countries around the world. This time, the journey begins in Liberia, Costa Rica.

A trip randomly booked just two weeks ago with some extra airline points and an arbitrary "pin the point on the map" selection of "whatever city has the cheapest flight". Here I am.

Too bad the walk to my next destination from the Liberia airport is a bit longer than what would be feasible. So here I am, waiting at the bus stop with the locals. Cuánto es? 500 CRC. The equivalent to about a dollar, US.

I don't know how long until we get into the city, where there are more buses. And I definitely don't know if my rarely used, but always heard, Nuyorican Spanish will get me through.  I know I have a night booked at a hostel in Monteverde and that's about five hours away.

Jet Blue
Photos: Olivia Christine