Dinner in the Sky Athens - 2016 Menu


Do you remember that Dinner in the Sky dinner experience I mentioned in my 3 Day Guide to Athens, Greece? Well, its back for the 2016 season and I've got the scoop on the menu and booking information. If you are looking for a great, unique place to have dinner try this experience.

2016 Dinner Dates: 

This season, the Dinner in the Sky Athens experience will kickstart May 5th and end October 5, 2016.

The 2016 Menu:


Octopus carpaccio with olive oil & oxymeli sauce, served with bouquet salad.

Dolmadakia from Kassos (stuffed vine leaves with rice, minced meat & herbs) served with aromatic yogurt sauce.

Steamed shrimp with vegetables tartare & feta mousse with parsley.

Veal fillet ‘rotti’ with ginger & orange sauce, served with ‘souvlaki’ baby rate potatoes, sweet butter potatoes and vegetables with thyme.

Dessert Trilogy
Crispy biscuit with creme framboise & lemon sauce.
Mini profiterole with vanilla cream and bitter sauce.
Ekmek kataifi.

The meal is accompanied by delicious greek wines.


Technopolis of Athens, Performing Arts venue and History Museum.



The price including a welcome drink and wine will be 120 euro per person.

How to Book:

Visit the Dinner in the Sky website and go to "reservations" to book. Choose your date for your 8:00pm (20:00) dinner and wait anxiously for the magical day to arrive. 

Is it Worth it?



If you are wondering if you should continue exploring the city instead of hanging in the sky for dinner, the answer is no. Dinner in the Sky offers historical exploration as well. With views of the Acropolis, Lycabettus, Thision, and Saronic gulf and Parnitha mountain, you don't have to worry about the crowds, tourists, or your tired legs.

If you like thrill, dining while suspended 50 meters in the sky is the way to go. If you are concerned about safety, each seat is securely attached to the table and offer a full lock in seat belt that secures your shoulders and waist. Dinner in the Sky is designed and constructed according to European model EN 13814 that refers to the construction and operation of amusement parks. 


Lastly, if you are wondering if there is enough food for the price, the answer is yes. The plates will seem like they just keep coming. And with a welcome cocktail followed by Greek wine accompanying each course - trust me, you will be all set.

One more thing - for the Vegans and Fashionistas:


What you're wearing doesn't matter - stay comfortable. But skirts aren't recommended and sweaters might be needed (evening chill). If you have dietary restrictions just let them know at least two days in advance and they'll totally tailor a menu to your needs.

Enjoy your experience! xx