In the Lab: Slipping on Your Yoga Mat? I tried Sticky be Socks as a solution.

Product Note: I received Sticky Be Socks to provide a real-life product review. The evaluation is based on my own experience practicing yoga and using the socks on and off the mat. 



Delivery and Packaging:

My Sticky Be Socks package came quickly in the mail, in a mailbox-friendly sized package.


The socks themselves were packed in an adorable branded pouch (that I now use for my undies as I travel).

Product Details:


Sticky Be Socks come in an array of colors and inspiring phrases and are super comfy (and soft), made of natural fine cotton yarn for sweat absorption. 

The socks come unisex in one size (I wear a US 8 Women's) and are 80% cotton, 20% spandex. The website directions say to tumble dry low but I have yet to wash them, so I'll update this post if I notice any adverse changes in the sock quality after washing/drying. 


My Review and Notes:

I loved how soft these socks were! I could definitely notice the padded bottom and difference in breathability from ordinary socks.

The rubber grips underneath the socks were GREAT at preventing me from slipping on my map (especially in standing poses). 


One thing to note is I found it tough to wear the socks around the house or in a shoe. The sole grip obviously stops my foot from sliding so getting it into a shoe isn't the easiest. I'd recommend you keep these socks in your yoga bag to use strictly in-house or on the mat.

Overall, at $15 a pair while I do think the price is a bit steep (I'd consider it more at 2 pairs for $15) I love the encouragement and high product quality. If you stick to using these during your practice, I imagine they'd last very long and become on of your favorite products. 


More information:

For more information and to view more Sticky Be products, visit their website >>